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E3 2013 | “TAKEDOWN” Takes Tactical Shooters to the Next Level

Posted on June 15, 2013 AT 02:57pm

First-person shooters are among one of the most popular genres in gaming today. As such, they come in many shapes and sizes spanning from epic war scenes to the reaches of space. One thing that is too often not a factor of most modern-day FPSs is realism. TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre looks to address this oversight by including many realistic elements to create a new type of tactical-based first-person gameplay.

TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre is a tactical first-person shooter with a focus on teamwork and realism. The level I got to see played was a giant office building with several glass windows. The mission can range from taking out tangos to sabotaging hard drives, but the constant is the lethality of the opponents you’re facing. One wrong turn around a corner, with an enemy waiting around it, could mean your team has one less operative. Unlike most shooters nowadays, if you’re shot there are real consequences and you can go down very quickly. Lose a team-member and they’re out for the round as well.

To keep you on your toes with each match, the locations of both the objectives and the enemies changes from round to round, so it’s not possible to just memorize patterns to get by. There are also several different ways to approach each map, with several different entrances to the building in the demo I was able to see present. Every item in the environment also has its own bullet-penetration level and the guns have them as well adding yet another element of strategy to the mix. One thing, which might have even looked like a bug to the untrained eye, was that each gun has a length value added to it as well and if you push up against a wall, you have to lower your gun. All these factors keep each game fresh and the tactics that are possible nearly endless.

One thing that really struck me about the game, was how great the level I saw looked. What I learned about the area, the modern office building, was that it was actually designed first as if it would be a functional office building. Afterwards, they went back and tweaked it here and there to make it a little better for the game’s purposes. This adds yet another layer of realism that helps to suck you into each area that you’re presented with in the game.

The game does include a single-player campaign that puts you in a team of 6, you and 5 AI team-members, performing missions you might find in the multiplayer modes. You can issue commands to your AI team to try and coordinate the infiltration in this mode and if you die during one of these missions, you will then take over an AI character until your team is fully depleted. While the real meat of the game appears to be in working together with your friends, this looks to be a decent alternative if you prefer playing by yourself. In the multiplayer modes, you can play either cooperatively or competitively with teams of 6 in coop and 12 total in competitive modes.

With a powerhouse of industry talent from folks who worked at Zipper, to people who worked on titles like Halo: Reach and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, the team over at Serellan LLC have the skills to put together a great tactical shooter. After a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, they’ve been hard at work making this game happen and have put forth a great dedication towards the community this game is aimed towards. For several of the people who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign, they are able to have direct input into what they want in the game. This is one of my favorite things about crowd-funding projects like this; they give the ability for fans to really have input as to what they’d like in a game.

Make sure to look for this game when it launches this Fall for the PC and Xbox 360.

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