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E3 2014 | Gave Me Something to Believe In: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Posted on June 11, 2014 AT 04:57pm

You had me at Kevin Spacey

Like many other gamers, I too felt that the CoD franchise was in need of something new. While I enjoyed playing Ghosts, the experience wasn’t as enthralling for me as Modern Warfare 3. When a new CoD game was teased my reaction was more along the lines of “that’s cool” and not so much “HOT DAMN!”

After my experience with Advanced Warfare at E3 this morning, I believe in the franchise once again, and you should as well. Plus, it’s got Kevin Spacey as the bad guy.

The Devil Is In The Details

The sheer amount of detail that has gone into Advanced Warfare is impressive. The live-play level I went through showcased bullet damage to NPC’s and the environment, a car chase into on coming traffic where you could the look of panic on the faces of the NPC’s in the cars you were barreling towards, and ultimately a chaotic destruction of the Golden Gate bridge worthy of a Michael Bay film. It’s obvious that developer Sledgehammer Games went balls to the walls crafting every pixel, every polygon, and every plot point in the game.

The game is set in the not-so-distant-future – 2054 – where warfare technology has advanced enough to develop a supportive armament called the Exoskeleton. Fixed on to your soldier, the Exoskeleton allows for a new array of upgrades to the player that will change how they play. Using the Exoskeleton, the player is able to evacuate skyscrapers with ease using the boost feature to slow their rate of descent, grapple to higher ground, hurdle downed vehicles and building debris while targeting enemies and more. “Death from above” is becomes second nature to the player almost without effort.

The game also utilizing motion capture for spot-on realistic facial movements and reactions, making the experience more immersive than previous outings in the franchise. What blew me away most during my time with the game was how it sounded. As you move through the level the sound glass breaking under your feet, steel warping and buckling around you as the bridge is about to collapse all sound so real, it feels like you are watching a movie at times rather than playing a game.

It is obvious that character creation and development are key areas that the team at Sledgehammer Games have focused on. The dialog in the game never feels forced or exists to fill in space, which is refreshing.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare ships in North America this November 4th, and if you haven’t played a CoD game in a while, Advanced Warfare will be a great title to jump back into the fray with.

Rochelle has been writing about, talking about, and arguing with anyone who will listen to her about video games –professionally – for more six years. Co-Founder, Designer, and Podcast Co-Host at ElectricSistaHood, Rochelle fancies herself rather geeky. Follow her on twitter @NinJaSistah

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