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What (I Think) You Should Watch This Anime Season- Pt. 1

Posted on October 22, 2012 AT 04:30pm



In 2012, the list of anime that’s legally available you is staggering. What you can’t find on Crunchyroll, you can find on Hulu, Viz, or Funimation. In the fall lineup, there may be at least a 1/2 dozen anime you really want to watch, but do you have the time to see what’s good and what’s garbage? Don’t worry. I’ve got your back! BTW, these previews are SPOILER FREE.


The Must Watch List



The third in a series of inter-related anime (and games) is set in a near future world where augmented reality is awesome, and teenagers are building robots. What’s great about that- at least for me- is that all of this “futuristic” technology is closer to science fact than fiction now. Robotics;Notes revolves around two characters. One is a super-optimistic girl named Akiho Senomiya. She is so optimistic that she might convince you that you could travel the wold in a day. The second is Kaito Yashio, a guy who doesn’t care about anything other than playing his favorite video game. As you can see in the screencap, he takes his gaming so seriously that he has his tablet holstered at his side.

So these two are  best friends, and Akiho drags apathetic Kaito into her desire to build an awesome robot and win a competition with it. You would think a guy who plays a game about giant robots would be excited to pilot one. In the beginning of the first episode, we see a very different side to Kaito, so maybe Akiho’s positive attitude transforms him for the better.


I am a big fan of Steins;gate but I STILL can’t get through Chaos;head. I think the third in this series of games/anime is a winner like Steins;gate, rather than the somewhat unappetizing Chaos;head.
# of episodes watched: 1




This anime is trying really hard to get you to like it. I’ll bite! Maybe this show’s glitz will wear off when I get deeper into it, but for now it’s really, really, really pretty! Like Robotics; Notes, K takes place in what looks to be the future. The difference, though, is that the sci-fi features here seem more like window dressing than essential to the plot. Like I said, this show is dying to impress you.

When you watch you would think that one of the members of either the street gang (who utilize red energy based powers) or the seemingly chivalrous enforcers (who use blue energy powers) should be the focus; but the story so far is about a high school student who is the focus of everyone’s attention. Is he who they say he is, or is he just a young man who wants to live his life.

This is not a revolutionary tale being told, but the work being put into the animation and artwork is stunning. At any point, it could totally fall off a cliff, but for now, I’m tuned in.

# of episodes watched: 2




I have been anticipating this since I saw the first teaser images for the show. It was nothing but a dude holding a futuristic gun. Then a couple more teasers came out, but not much more information was learned from these short clips.  The description of the show explained that law enforcement use guns that are so advanced that they can tell who should be killed, and who is innocent.  Now that I’ve seen it for myself Psycho-Pass is a lot more than I thought it would be. It’s Judge Dredd meets Minority Report, with a bit of Ghost in the Shell on the side. Those comparisons are saying more about the show’s look and feel than of its quality.

The show is pretty good, so far. We are assaulted with techno-babble in just this opening episode. The big downside of writing TV is that you have to get some exposition across somehow, and Psycho-Pass simply feels like throwing all its concepts on your table.  I feel like its wrong for me to even explain what the real story is behind Psycho-Pass. The concept of the title is a rating system whereby people are judged for their future crimes. This puts people in a bad spot when it turns out that their time is out, an enforcement officers will be barging down their door. The guns are called Dominators, and they have different settings, much like the phasers in Star Trek. The only problem being that the gun itself is in control of the setting, not the user.

I want to continue with this show because not only does it have an fascinating concept, but it also raises a lot of questions about law and crime in this future world. The show could very well turn into an action splatter-fest (look closely at the image above) but I feel that it promises to be a thought provoking series.

 # of episodes watched: 1


On the Fence

 Kamisama Hajimemashita/Kamisama Kiss


I want to get something out of the way, straight off: I love the OP and ED of this show. You know that means I have a problem, right? When I saw the trailer for Kamisama Kiss, I thought that it would be a very funny, silly, and somewhat romantic show. I didn’t find it to be too funny. Maybe someone else fell out of their seat after laughing too hard at the jokes and gags, but it was simply just an alright experience for me. Kamisama Kiss (or Kamisama Hajimemashita or Hello, God, whichever you want to call it) is about an unfortunate girl named Nanao Momozon, who is left homeless after he deadbeat dad skips town. Sounds sad, but the situation is so ridiculous that it is humorous.

Events then lead her to end up living in a shrine, where she learns very quickly that she has now become the god of the shrine, and she also has a sidekick, a familiar who has been waiting for decades for the previous shrine god to return. While I didn’t find the show too funny, I do like the concept, the characters, and the world. It reminds me of something like InuYasha, where a human girl has been brought into a supernatural world, and has a relationship with one of those supernatural beings. If I watch more, I think I could be swayed, but there’s so much to watch this season as it is.

 #of episodes watched: 1


Girls und Panzer


Right away, I have to say that this show is BIZARRE. No, girls riding tanks is not the puzzling part. After all, we’ve had so many underage mecha pilots that girls-and-tanks should not give pause to anyone.What’s bizarre is this fictional world revolving aroud tanks, the relationship between girls and tanks, and tankery.

The main character, Miho, has some kind of tank-related trauma or just a strong aversion to having anything to do with tanks. That’s a problem, because she has transferred into a school where tankery is practiced; she was under the impression that the school stopped practicing  tankery. In this universe, tankery (no, it’s not a real word) is treated like it’s something that is best suited to girls, to make them better women. It’s a silly and weird sort of fictional propaganda. I guess this is the logical progression. We’ve had girls-with-guns in Gunslinger Girls, girls-as-guns in Uppote!!, and now girls-in-tanks in Girls Und Panzer- which means Girls and tanks.

Maybe this is just a fun show that girls and boys can enjoy, or maybe it’s tank fetishism with girls thrown in. All I know for sure is that when a show has both a girl who wears half a pair of glasses and an aircraft carrier of proportions so ridiculous that it puts the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier to shame, it’s probably not a candidate for show of the year.

# of epiosodes watched: 1


Don’t Bother

OniAi (As Long as There’s Love, It Doesn’t Matter If He is My Brother, Right?)


Why do these shows continue to be made? There seems to be at least one per season at this point. I get it, some people out there have a love for incest stories, but It doesn’t draw me in. I think that if ANYTHING is entertain enough, I will watch it, but this show is not entertaining. It’s a paint-by-numbers harem show, and also an incest show. I will not act like it was totally unfunny (I like that the brother immediately turns down any affection from his love-crazy sister), but I’m hoping that someone, somehow, breathes life into the tired, stale harem concept. Not. Interested.

# of episodes watched: 1


The Pet Girl of Sakurasou

I was almost willing to give this show as pass. However, as I reached the second half of the show, I realized that I’d already read about its premise. So not only do we have our harem (the type of harem where we know who the guy’s going to end up with), but we have Mashiro, who is a brilliant Manga creator, but she is basically mentally disabled when it comes to functioning in any other way as a human being. Autism: a great premise for a romantic comedy! I’m just not digging this type of romantic comedy. I apologize. Just like OniAi, I don’t think that this show is completely unfunny, but it just not serving up anything special. It’s not worth revisiting.

#of episodes watched: 1




Coming up in part 2: Magi, Btoom!, From the New World, Blast of Tempest and more!



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