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What (I Think) You Should Watch This Anime Season- Pt. 2

Posted on November 8, 2012 AT 05:00pm

APOLOGIES! Besides this article being sidelined due to Hurricane Sandy, I’m just a horrible procrastinator. I hope you enjoy this!



The Must Watch List



It’s Magic! I think that Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is a very fun show that I want to watch just so I can say “Wow!” We start with our main hero, Aladdin, being asked what wish he wants. That takes him from where he is and shoots him into the larger world, which is full of dungeons, slavery, women’s cleavage, and a dude named Alibaba. Yes, the names are familiar if you remember your 1,001 Arabian Nights, but Magi’s taking its liberties with those characters. If you want serious anime, you’re not really going to find it here, but that’s fine with me. Eating tons of watermelon? Cool. Chibi all over the place? OK. A Giant genie with a flute for head? Alright.

I can’t even tell how tall Aladdin is, because he cartoonishly changes sizes at the drop of a hat. One thing I do know about Al, though: he loooooves boobies! Go get ‘em, kid.

 # of episodes watched: 1


From the New World  (Shin Sekai Yori)


Man, what a way to start a series! From the New World starts out 1000 years before the story takes place, in a blood-splatteringly creepy scene. There are children blessed with psychic abilities, and those psychic abilities still exist. The mystery is what happened in the time between the opening and 10 centuries later. Is it time travel? Why are kids disappearing? Is the beginning of this series also going to be its end? I love a good mystery show, and so far this show is feeding us small pieces of information. Whether all of that information is relevant, or just window dressing, is what we’re meant to piece together.

# of episodes watched: 4



Blast of Tempest

That’s such a Japanese-sounding English title, isn’t it? Whatever it’s called, it looks like it’s going to be cool. Blast of Tempest is mainly about revenge. Mahiro Fuwa’s sister, Aika, has been killed. As luck would have it, a powerful witch has been trapped on an island, with no way to leave. She finds a way, though, to connect with Mahiro. Now she has given him power, in return for him helping her. Oh, and Mahiro’s friend,
Yoshino, joins in Mahiro’s quest. I think the downside of this show that it’s too dramatic at times, but I like most of what Blast of Tempest is offering. Take a look at the image above. If I get more of moments like that (a dude magically transporting in, just to kick someone in the face), I’ll be a happy boy.

 # of episodes watched: 1


Code: Breaker

I am partly interested in this show because I read the first volume of the original manga and It was promising. The anime does not disappoint. The show doesn’t seem to be about heroes so far, so if you’re looking for a basic show about heroic kids with superpowers, this ain’t it. Sakura Sakurakouji (kind of an odd name) witnesses a disturbing sight: some guy in the park setting people on fire! Rei Ogami is the killer in question, a “Code:Breaker” who can create blue flames from his hands. She then learns that he’s a transfer student at his school (trope!) and is in her class. Rei acts like a nice person in class, but he is not really a loveable dude. He’s not afraid to set people on fire, or threaten them with incineration. I don’t know if he’s going to become a nice guy, but it doesn’t really look that way.

There are other Code: Breakers, and they don’t look like they’re friendly either. what’s with these guys? I think I want to keep up with this show because I want to know what purpose these people with special abilities serve, and how the hell Sakura is going to stand up against such cold murderers.

# of episodes watched: 2


On the Fence


First, I must apologize: Btooom! has 3 O’s, not 2; I made that mistake in part 1 of my reviews.  I should have more respect for anime with sounds as titles. Btooom! hmm, how should I put this, is trashy! If you’ve seen Battle Royale (or The Hunger Games) you get the basic plot: people are put in an area where they’re supposed to kill each other. The main character is (before he is put on the island) is an unlikeable guy who plays an online game called Btooom! and is good at it. Surprise surprise, when he wakes up in a real version of the game, just without the protective armor.

I like Battle Royale a lot, and the idea of people struggling in a death game is a good hook for me, but Btoom! has some sleaze to it, an  exploitative feel to it, so that’s why I wonder if I’m going to watch through the whole season.

#of episodes watched: 2


Don’t Bother

No shows

There aren’t too many (legally streaming) shows left to take a look at, so I’ll probably end this with reviews of Lychee Light Club and Aoi Sekai no Chushin De (an anime based on the Nintendo/Sega console wars).


If you want to check out the other reviews, read parts (1) and (3).

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