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Fall 2013 Anime: First Episode Impressions, Part 5 of 5

Posted on December 30, 2013 AT 07:40pm

Coppelion- “Coppelion”


This has to rate as the worst field trip in history. Anime is not without post-disaster stories, but the story of Copellion is quite a standout. Copellion refers to a genetic program that created “dolls,” children who can survive the poisonous landscape of what was once Japan. The Copellion children we meet are all girls. One is the headstrong leader; the second is thoughtful, and wears glasses; the third is hungry, and speaks in the third person. So it’s as if the characters from an anime comedy or slice of life manga were dropped into a sci-fi action anime.

Copellion has a lot to offer. We can learn more about why Japan was contaminated. We can learn more about the leaders of this new world, like the man the Copellion girls take orders from. It could be fun to watch these three venture on, but I don’t feel as confident about this show as I did when I saw the action-packed promo weeks before this episode. Fingers crossed that this show is actually awesome.


Kyosugiga- “A Family’s Circumstances and Its Background”

Kyosugiga has a bit of a history behind it, before it fount its way to Crunchyroll. I think that its history is as challenging to understand as the history of Kyosugiga‘s blended family. In a short summary, there’s this monk dude who has the ability to bring his art to life. He can even create parallel worlds. One of his creations falls in love with him, and finds a way to become human. They come together, then they “have” children. One of the kids is a real, adopted, kid, while the others are paintings come to life. There’s more to see from that point, but I just want to gush about how unbelievably stunning Kyosugiga is. The shine, the detail and complexity of the animation puts this anime at the peak of this season’s offerings. I cannot help but watch more. I just hope I can keep all these parallel worlds sorted in my head as I watch.


Unbreakable Machine Doll- “Facing ‘Cannibal Candy’ I”

Even though Unbreakable Machine Doll feels like bits and pieces of many anime concepts cobbled together, it did give decent enough of a presentation for me to not completely dismiss it. Shoko is a dude who wants to be a great magician of sorts. Becoming the best of the best involves battling other  “puppeteers” with their inhuman creations. Some of the puppets resemble humans, while the others look like monsters. Nothing will scream out at you when you see this episode, if you are an anime vet. In fact, you might feel a bit ill when Shoko’s doll, Yaya, continues to throw herself at her master. You might also be jarred by the change from 2D to 3D animation for action scenes. I don’t imagine that anything will impress me in this series, but I don’t begrudge it for trying.


BlazBlue Alter Memory- “The Red Rebel”

For at least three decades, video games have not been able to separate from the negative stigma they have concerning their anime adaptations. So much so that BlazBlue: Alter Memory breaks down the fourth wall and points this out. Too bad, BlazeBlue: you’re just another turd on the shit pile. I haven’t even played a BlazBlue game in my life, but I know how much the games are appreciated. So watching this adaptation made me sad for anyone who had their hopes up for it. BlazBlue: Alter Memory is a babbling mess that isn’t animated well.

They want me to care about comedic moments. They want me to care about character introductions. I can’t, because I am too busy being bored by the rest of the show. I know that you don’t pop in a fighting game if you want to get wrapped up in a well structured plot, but if your plot is thin, at least get me fired up with great action. You will find nothing of the sort in BlazBlue. Fire up your PS3 instead.


Tokyo Ravens- “Shaman Clan- Promise”

You may have seen this setup before. Hautora was born into a family who are skilled in the ways of the occult. When he was a kid, he made a promise, and now the girl he made that promise to has returned.

I don’t know what to say, really, about this show. I just feel like making a noise at it, like “bleh” or “um.” Just an unenthusiastic response to a show that’s simply not outstanding. Sometimes you get a full course served up in one anime. Other times, it’s just an appetizer. Watch Tokyo Ravens- or don’t. I don’t really care. Do you like pointy, two-toned hair?


Samurai Flamenco- “Debut of the Samurai Flamenco!”


Yes, yes, yes! Call this “Kick-ass Japan,” or whatever you’d like. I’d like to call it one of the top anime of this season. There are people who would like to emulate the exploits of superheroes, and male model Hauzma decides to do just that. Hazuma is a big Tokusatsu (Power Rangers and whatnot) fan, and he wants to fight any and all injustice he encounters. Real Japan’s not that crazy a place, though, so he’s off bothering people who cops might not give a second thought to.

Samurai Flamenco is funny, and its characters are well worth cheering on. So what if they’re not fighting aliens with laser beam eyes?


So that is all for another season of anime. If you want a review of things not legally streaming, I wish you luck, because I’m not going to sniff around for those. There are other anime streaming officially, but I’m admittedly lazy. Who knows? Maybe I’ll review another fall anime or two after this.

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