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Fall 2013 Anime: First Episode Impressions, Part 3 of 5

Posted on November 11, 2013 AT 09:00pm

Log Horizon – “The Apocalypse”

It’s hard to refrain from saying “I’ve heard this story before” when you watch the first episode of Log Horizon. “Trapped in an MMO world, unable to log out.” Sound familiar? This time, the players are stuck in an online RPG called Elder Tale, and the main hero we follow is Shiroe. For a change, our lead character doesn’t wield a sword, but a staff. He’s called an enchanter, and the first two people he reunites with are a knight and an assassin class. Where Log Horizon departs from the comparisons to SAO is that we don’t know by the end of this episode whether real death is the consequence of dying in the game world.

Log Horizon is an “MMORPG gets real” anime, but its setting out on its own path. It’s not a complete rip-off, but it does have those familiar hallmarks of comedic anime, like big breasted girls, a loli character, and glomping on said loli character because she is so cute. I think that Log Horizon basically lays out all its cards in this first episode. You know that you’re getting a show that is silly, and will have somewhat satisfying action beats.


Miss Monocrome “Fall”

Miss Monocrome is a short series (this episode was 4 minutes) about an idol who wants to be more popular. Our robotic-voiced hero learns that she needs a manager to be a more successful idol, and that is where I’ll stop with the recap. I got a genuine chuckle out of this show, and I think that I might watch more, especially considering that each episode is so short. Can this series continue to deliver laughs after the first episode? It couldn’t hurt to find out.


I couldn’t Become the Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job (Yu-sibu)- “I Couldn’t Become a hero, So I’m Working the Register”

Again, we have a show with a similar premise to shows that have recently come out. Yu-sibu immediately reminds me of The Devil is a Part-timer, but it’s not as good.  Yu-sibu has a premise that could be used to tell an interesting tale, but it’s very preoccupied by lady parts. My biggest question is not why failed hero Raul’s co-worker, Nova, has such incredibly large breasts. My question is why they’re selling cassette tapes. Does the audience for an anime like this still know what cassette tapes are?

Raul and his friends didn’t get to make the killing blow against the Demon Lord, so all they have to look forward to is an average existence, albeit in a world filled with magic and all sorts of creatures. Then breast just happen– a lot. I don’t really want to continue watching an excuse-for-fanservice show, but I like that this is a hybrid world where technology mixes with fantasy. I’ll have one eye on Yu-sibu, but it has the potential to completely disappoint me.

Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods-  “The 15th Successor and Gintaro”

Makoto Saeki has a gift that has passed down in her family. She can see the fox spirit who dwells in her shrine. Gintaro is his name, and he is the herald of the shrine’s God. I don’t know what it is with me, but I will probably watch any anime about a shrine girl and her supernatural being.  I watched Kamisama Hajememashita, and I’ll gladly watch this. Gingitsune is a delightful little show. It is not outstanding, but it’s unique amongst this season’s crop. If you want to just take a peaceful detour from all the regular stuff the anime industry dishes out, this is the one place you can find refuge.


Outbreak Company – “I Landed in Another World”

What if all of your otaku dreams came true? Outbreak Company is an answer to that question. In the reality of Outbreak Company, we have learned of a rift between worlds.  A boy named Shinichi Kanou becomes the  ambassador of otaku culture for our Earth. I guess you don’t need any training or work experience to get such a job. All you have to do is get really excited over moe. I don’t care much for this show, and I don’t know why the show is named what it’s named (what’s breaking out?), but at least Kanou is not “the chosen one” who is meant to save this fantasy world from evil. I’ll at least give it that. I think that the saving grace in the first episode is that Shinichi might have a heart, and he’s not just a geeky idiot, treating the world like it’s his otaku playground.


Part 4 is coming up!

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