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Fall 2013 Anime: First Episode Impressions, Part 4 of 5

Posted on November 28, 2013 AT 10:15am

Wanna Be the Strongest in the World- “An Idol-Wrestler is Born!”


I am surprised at myself. I expected this to be a slam dunk, that Wanna Be the Strongest in the World was just big breasts and moaning lying behind pro wrestling facade. Yes, there are large breasts, impressive cleavage, and opportunities for women to undress, but I cannot consider this to be a horrible anime. It’s silly, but I felt that there was some small heart behind this anime.  Sakura Hagiwara is an idol singer, and she’s really good at it. Not everyone respects her career, though. One day, she takes part in a promotional event with pro wrestlers, and one of them, Rio Kazama wants these pop singers to learn just how serious this fighting sport is.

When not wearing very revealing tights or making each other moan in pain, everyone’s being very serious about the sport they’ve decided to be a part of. There is not intelligent writing to praise here, but Wanna Be the Strongest acts like it respects pro wrestling. How much it actually respects wrestling lies within the episodes I have yet to see.


Non Non Byori- “A New Transfer Student Came”

Finally, a school like I’ve never seen in anime! Non Non Byori is about a handful of students who make up the entire student body of their farm school. They’re all different ages, and in very different grades. So a transfer student comes (yeah, the episode title says that) to the school, and she’s the fish out of water, not accustomed to the ways of peaceful farm living.

Since it’s a show about the country, the first episode spends any moment it has available to show you the landscape. Do you like watching animated grass grow? This is a sleepy show set in a sleepy town, but it is quite adorable. Non Non Byori’s simplicity is what’s most charming about it, and I think anime fans deserve more anime like this.


Nagi no Asukara (Nagi-Asu)- “In Between the Sea and the Land”

When your forecast calls for heavy salinity, then you know you’ve woken up in the world of Nagi no Asukara. Not in my wildest imaginings would I expect and anime to have a reality where humans walk around in an ocean world, but without needing gills. So major points have been won with that concept alone.

Nagi no Asukara‘s about the world above the ocean, and the world within it. Hikari’s a child who lives in the undersea world; he’s kind of a jerk. He’s a jerk mostly because he likes Manaka. Manaka’s a cute girl, and this was not a good episode for her. She has a lot of unfortunate things happen to her, but her misfortune lands her in the arms (actually, the net) of Tsumugu, a human. From there we have the makings of a young romance, all Romeo and Juliet-ish. Although the show just hand waves the improbability of undersea humans having no problem living on land and in the sea, it’s a cute show that doesn’t mean any harm. It’s supernatural slice-of-life. You like that, don’t you?


My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with My School Romantic Comedy (NouCome)- “That Choice Put My Life in Motion”

In any language, that title is obnoxiously long. For short, the show is called NouCome. That’s much better. NouCome is anime’s take on OCD. This high school kid,  Kanade, is burdened with having to make ridiculous choices in his everyday life. The first choice he makes is what he should do with a naughty magazine he finds in a playground: both choices are awful, and neither of them allow him to just walk away.


From the point where we see Kande agonize over making this dumb choice,  The show then spends about 4 minutes showing historic and everyday choices being made. Alright, we get it! Choices are very important! So, back to Kanade Amakusa. He’s not the only strange character in this show. I don’t know if you can call them his friends, but the first two girls were are introduced to in this episode are also quirky. One girl,
Furano Yukihira seems like she’s going to be the Rei Ayanami, or Yuki Nagao, of the show. Not really. Instead, she’s more deadpan than monotone, and she’s got an odd sense of humor. Then another weirdo comes to class! Ouka Yuuouji uses her class time to hawk the silly products her father’s company makes.

This show is very, very bizarre. I don’t think I have seen an anime that jumps from joke to joke the way it does. Most people will not know what to expect from this show. You would probably expect this to be a harem show, another T&A fest. No, it’s a comedy that’s hopped up on sugar, and it doesn’t care if you find its jokes to be to weird. I was taken aback by this show, in a good way. It made me laugh, and it did catch me off guard by its humor, but is this show one to come back for? I can’t even tell! Where’s it going? I just have to come back for another episode.


Walkure Romanze- “The Flower Garden”

At least this show can claim that it’s the best jousting anime of the year. Walkure Romanze takes place at the Winford Academy, where- oh, that girl’s shirt just bust open for no reason. Now the horse is ripping off her skirt to reveal her panties, also for no good reason. Sorry, sorry, let me get back to the plot. So there only seems to be one guy here, Takahiro, and the best jouster in the school would like to partner with him. Of course, there’s another girl, Mio, who he will actually end up partnering with.

Walkure Romanze is the tale of a wild horse that just can’t resist ripping off girls’ skirts to reveal their panties. Or it’s about jousting and relationships. Whatever. You might be into horse perversion. I will not judge you. I also will not be watching any more of this show. I laughed a bit during this episode, but I’m not into equine shenanigans so much that I’d devote any more time to this show.


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