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Frobisher Says! I’m Weird and Free

Posted on October 26, 2012 AT 08:39am

Say what you’d like about the PS Vita, but there are a few upcoming games that I’ve been expecting to excite me.  One game that seemed to pop up quite suddenly that I was not expecting is Frobisher Says! by developer Honeyslug.  The game popped up as an exclusive free download on the PS Vita this past Tuesday and after a little time with the game, I can tell you that it is one weird game.

The game features a character named Frobisher as he issues you commands that must be completed in a set time.  Each command is its own little mini-game that is not dissimilar to some you might find in a WarioWare game.  You might find yourself punching a bear at one point and delivering your friends into a hot tub in the next.  Among the creepier mini-games is one that has you smiling at the ladies that pass by while you frown at some badgers.  One main difference, between this and the aforementioned Nintendo title, is that while you do have a set time limit for each min-game, you do not immediately fail when the time runs out.  Instead, you have a running score and if the time runs out for a command, you score no points for it.

While this game is definitely good for a few laughs, and perhaps a few awkward silences, that’s not really the point of the title.  Each of the mini-games are meant to showcase a different feature of the PS Vita system.  Some use the back and front touch-screen to showcase pinching mechanics, an underused feature of the system as of yet, while others use the even more underused camera.  A couple of times playing this game, I had an “oh yeah, this system does do that” reaction to some of the controls.  This is a great, and I might add free, reminder of what the Vita is capable of doing.  Check it out now for your PlayStation Vita available for free on PSN.

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