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Get a Little Knack On Your iPhone

Posted on November 7, 2013 AT 07:41pm

Companion apps seem like they’re going to be one of the major features of the upcoming console generation. Many anticipated games have smartphone applications that interact either directly or indirectly with the full console release. One that hit the Apple App Store today was one for upcoming PS4 launch title Knack. This gem-matching game entitled Knack’s Quest has you matching relics instead of jewels and might just be a good way to kill a few minutes while waiting for the PS4 to launch next Friday.

The full version of Knack follows the titular character through a story where he fights goblins and collects relics to grow in size. While progressing through each level, occasionally you’ll find secret entrances to areas with treasures to collect. These can either be gadgets, which provide special abilities like helping you find secrets and slow down time, or rare relics which can increase Knack’s stats.

Okay, big deal, there’s a Bejeweled clone that is loosely based on the an upcoming PS4 title. Why play it at all? The cool thing about the game is that with every match you play, you point total goes towards opening a chest. Inside these chests are actual gadget pieces and rare relics that will be usable in the final game. On the 15th, there will be an update released for the app which will let it sync with the PS4 game and give you all those earned items. Seems like a pretty sweet deal just to play through some rounds of gem-matching. The real question at this point is whether the mobile game is fun enough to be worth your time.

The base of the game follows pretty standard rules. There are different kinds of pieces and when you line up three or more they disappear and get added to a total. The goal in this version of the game is to get your totals up to a certain number. There is a time limit below you which increases with every match you make and if it empties you get a game over. You can also match up SunStone relics which let you perform board-clearing special moves. Additionally, there are several different stages that all have special pieces which effect the game in different ways. One, the poison relic, can only be cleared by a special move, which adds an interesting twist to the game.

The game is actually quite a bit peppier than a lot of the other gem-matching games I’ve played on the iPhone. You can even move gems while others are in the process of being matched and disappearing. The game itself isn’t terribly hard and I actually managed to breeze through almost every level on my 30 minute commute home. Once you’ve beaten the six chapters available, an endless mode unlocks which allows you to earn money faster. It’s not the best game ever, but if you’re excited about Knack and want to gain some headway on earning in-game items, this iPhone app might just be worth your time.

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