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I’m Thankful For These Video Games

Posted on November 22, 2012 AT 09:59am

At this time of the year, we always take a few minutes to reach deep inside and talk about what we’re thankful for.  While, my family and friends certainly feature prominently on my list this year, I’d like to take a second here and talk about a few of the video games I’m thankful for this year.  I’ll keep it short, picking just three titles so we can all get back to chowing down on some delicious food.

I’m Thankful for Nintendo Land

When you’re launching a new console, especially one with so many new features, it’s important to include a title that can adequately demonstrate what it can do.  Nintendo Land does a great job of doing this for the Wii U.  Each of the games included showcase what this whole Wii U thing is about in different ways.

Right now, I’ve been really enjoying trying out all the different single-player attractions available in the game.  DK’s Crash Course has been one that I’ve been returning to, trying to best my previous high score.  Earning coins and unlocking all of the different random set pieces from each of the different Nintendo worlds.  Sharing my achievements and chatting with other people on Miiverse has also been integral to my Wii U experience, especially on this game.

All the cool new features and fun makes it easy to be thankful for Nintendo Land today.

I’m Thankful for The Walking Dead

One of my favorite games this year hands-down, with the release of the final episode just a few days ago, it’s hard not to be thankful for The Walking Dead.  This game takes a great comic and TV series and successfully turns it into an amazingly well done game.  Just the rarity of an IP like that turning out well as a game should be something to be celebrated in and of itself.

While some zombie games like to focus on the living dead themselves, this one instead takes a look at what happens when a group of people are put together and forced to make horrible decisions.  Each decision is harder than the last and makes you feel horrible no matter which way you went.  This thrilling tale was truly intended to be played with long breaks between each episode, because it really takes a lot out of you to play just one 3 hour session.

This thrilling and harrowing tale is one of the best pieces of storytelling that exists this year and if you give it a chance, you might just be thankful for it as well.

I’m Thankful for Virtue’s Last Reward

If you’d told me that one of my favorite games this year was going to be a visual novel, I probably would’ve been a little confused.  After spending a good deal of time with this game, I can hardly pry myself away from it to be thankful for anything else right now.

Taking a clever mix of both AAA storytelling and puzzles that really do leave you feeling accomplished after solving them, Virtue’s Last Reward is one of those games that is a slow burn, but once it gets going, it’s hard to stop the momentum it’s built.  I’ve enjoyed trying to find out exactly what choices I’m making lead to each individual ending and how best to reach the end of the game.  For those extra plays through, it makes it very easy to zoom past the parts you are already familiar with and get to the new stuff.

If you’re looking for something to both entertain and consume you, then you’ll be thankful you chose Virtue’s Last Reward too.

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