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LeetStreetBoys “L3g3nds” Proves That LSB is Back.

Posted on October 24, 2012 AT 06:11am

LeetStreets Back—Alright!

Once again I am aiming to tackle the ever-evolving nerdstream music scene. There are tribute video game bands a plenty. Even Nerdcore hip-hop has taken some strong steps in the last few years. However what happened to the band that captivated my nerd heart way back when? I’m talking about LeetStreetBoys of course!

Even though the last time I talked about LeetStreetBoys was back when I was still in my anime prime, I haven’t forgotten how their music made me feel. Since then, I have slowly boiled off a lot of the anime excess. Upon taking this musical walkabout with my first love LeetStreetBoys, I was transported back instantly.

That being said, I am not discrediting LSB. In fact contrary to my admission of nostalgia, my first impression of this album was one of maturity and complexity. Lead vocals and composer Matt Myers has grown since the first album and has addressed some of the upsets from the second along the way. The arrangements are as inviting as any current anime opening or ending song out there. LSB’ “L3g3nds” is easy on ear while keeping LSB signature flair and topics at the tip of the listeners’ tongues.

LeetStreetBoys first album left my eyes super deformed and watering with anticipation for their second album. Then…the second album, “Otaku Hearts” came out. It was easily the weakest of the two. While it sounded like I would expect it to, it still felt like a step backwards.

“L3g3nds” has some standouts, but not all standouts are positive. Kudos have to be given to the opening song “L3g3nds”. Sometimes lyrics can muddle a melody, but this song speaks for itself without the use of words.

Close your eyes and listen to it. If you do not get a visual of a shadowed hero looking over a landscape as the sun is pouring into it, then you imagination is broken. You should get that fixed.

Honorary mention goes to “Worlds Apart.” It is the last song of the album (bonus track not included) as it finishes the journey we take in “L3g3nds”. With the title “Worlds Apart”, which one would feel would be just another hopeless romantic ballad of some kind. LSB widens the perspective from a “dream girl” to a “dream convention” and yes the dream girl is present. It was truly refreshing and surprised me. Even though the song hints at the brief longevity of the encounter, it isn’t dripping with sorrow and despair. It is looked at fondly and with appreciation.

There were a few standouts that were there for less than stellar reasons. These two songs both come to mind when I think about what the weak links in the “L3g3nds” chain are. Firstly lets address “Booth Babe”. This could easily be the most controversial song to come from our favorite anime pop rock band. However, booth babes have been a sensitive topic for quite some time.

Hardcore feminists may find the song degrading, since some lyrics would suggest the protagonist doesn’t see this woman as an actual person. In fact “suggest” is an understatement; He doesn’t. On the other hand, the song could be seen as a story of a con goer who was tempted by a siren’s call, but breaks free and realizes the illusion and is bitter that he got duped. Either way, the protagonist doesn’t seem to handle the situation correctly, and that is a sore note.

Then there is “Imaginary Boys”. The song is not bad. It is just something we’ve heard from LeetStreetBoys before, several times actually. This is the song where the protagonist is talking about his dream girl, again. This time instead of talking about how awesome she is, he is talking about what her preferences are: video game and anime guys. Real guys need not apply.

There is a love subplot lingering in the background of LSB’s albums. We first heard from this protagonist in “Yuri the Only One” where he is talking about how fated he and his “dream girl” are. We never actually know if they got together, even though the music video would suggest that they do. Then in the second album, Otaku Hearts, “She’s So Kawaii” shows us the same protagonist once again pursuing his “dream girl” who is oblivious to his existence. In “L3g3nds” we finally see why he hasn’t registered on her radar. He is just too real HD for her. To me, the chase has gone on long enough, and perhaps it is time for our protagonist to look for new love.

Overall, I give this album a 4 out of 5. It deserves a listen or three. This third album reminds me why I fell in love with the band in the first place. It is something I personally look forward to listening to on repeat. It was released yesterday and can be found over on iTunes, Spotify and on LSB website

LeetStreetBoys have already started building their L3g3nds, now it’s our turn.

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