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New StreetPass Games Breakdown

Posted on July 15, 2013 AT 06:41pm

To this day, one of my favorite features of the 3DS is the StreetPass Plaza. The ability to walk around with your console and pick up stranger’s Miis for use in some quick little games is not only fun, but gives you an excuse to always have your 3DS on you. For the longest time, the games have laregly remained unchanged, with the exception of them adding Find Mii 2 and constantly adding new puzzles to collect. Recently, they’ve changed all that by introducing four new downloadable games that you can add to your StreetPass repertoire.

Last Friday, the 3DS received an update that not only made the interface for the StreetPass Plaza run a lot smoother, it updated the look and added the ability to add four completely new games to the mix. The new games you can add to your StreetPass routine are: Mii Force, Flower Town, Warrior’s Way and Monster Manor. Each game adds its own flavor to the mix and provides an interesting new twist to the StreetPass formula.

Let’s start this off by going into my favorite of the new titles: Warrior’s Way. This game is the one that most closely adheres to the existing formulas, but with a very interesting twist. In Warrior’s Way, your Mii stars as the monarch of a small kingdom. Like any other monarch, your main goal is to expand your territory and conquer other lands. o do so, you have an army composed of your StreetPass Plaza. As you meet new people, they graciously donate their StreetPass Plaza to your cause. Occasionally, you will have the choice of doing battle with someone you’ve met which, if you win, will net you even more additional soldiers than if you simply greet them peacefully. The game also contains a sort of Story Mode where you set out to conquer lands by battling their leaders.

At this point, I’m sure you’re wondering exactly what these battles I’ve been mentioning actually look like. Here’s the scoop: each of the three kinds of troops have an advantage and disadvantage over another; a sort of rock, paper scissors-type situation you might say. For those who don’t feel like memorizing which has advantage over the other they’ve even included a little hand making the aforementioned symbols. When two armies do battle, you first get to see the breakdown of the other army. You can then split apart your army into three groups and choose which one to send in first. If one army has an advantage over the other, the other troops only count as half the numbers. After these calculations have been made, the army with the bigger numbers wins the round. You get two out of three and you win the entire battle.

What I love about this game is that it’s still pretty quick and dirty like the other StreetPass games that existed before it. You welcome your new troops, do battles with the ones you can and see if you can conquer the next land. After all that, you’re done and you’ve only been playing for a few minutes. Building up your army is a lot of fun as is occasionally trouncing an opponent with a very disproportionate army to yours.

Let’s move on to the next new game aptly named Flower Town. If you’re familiar with any kind of game that has you doing a lot of decorating, this title will be easy to follow. The game has you planting different seeds in flower pots and inviting people you meet via StreetPass to come and help you grow them by providing much needed water. As the plants grow, you also have the chance to create new seeds that cross-pollenate with the flowers that were held by the folks you met.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, there’s a bit more to it than that. Once you’ve grown plants, you fill in your diary with the new plant info you’ve gotten. You can then place the plant in your garden, which you can decorate with items you purchase from the nearby mall. To earn money for these decorations, you can either perform jobs or sell your existing plants and seeds for cash. I was honestly surprised by the depth this game has for such a simple concept. I’ve been through the whole process several times and it feels as though they keep introducing new features every single time I boot up the game.

Next, I wanna talk about the space-shooting game Mii Force. If you’ve ever played a space-shooter, this one is going to feel pretty familiar. Every time you hop in, you get to choose a mission to take on with the people you’ve met. You take the role of the pilot while each other person, based on the color of their clothes, becomes a different weapon at your disposal. No matter what, you always start with one person providing weapons and can pick up the rest throughout the level. Each hit you take makes you lose one of your weapons with losing your last person being grounds for a game over.

The story in incredibly campy, but it clearly knows this and puts that to its advantage. Each weapon, save for a select few, are a lot of fun to wield and get even more powerful if you have duplicate-colored people. I feel good knowing that I’m providing someone with awesome homing missiles with my dark-blue shirt. It also provides you with a high-score chart based solely on the people you’ve met, which gives you a good, but not overwhelming, list of scores to compete against.

The last new game is probably the most complex of the three: Monster Manor. This puzzler has you traveling through a huge mansion filled with ghoulies. Each person you meet donates a puzzle piece to you, which corresponds to their shirt color and lights up a section of the floor. When one color lights up a larger area, you have the chance to find treasure chests, people or orbs. The treasure chests provide you with items which can be weapons, usable items or gems. The people can either team up with you or simply donate some gems to your cause and the gems are mainly used to upgrade your weapons.

Why do you need weapons, you may ask. Whenever you travel to a new-colored area, you have to walk through a door. Behind any given door at a time, can always be a chance for am enemy to attack you. You can use weapons to attack these enemies and your weapons will level up and you defeat them. The higher up you go, the tougher the enemies get, so upgrading is important. When you find an orb, if you happen to have multiples of the same weapon, you can increase the max level of that weapon and make it stronger. There are also several enemy types and corresponding weapon types that are strong or weak against them.

This game takes quite a bit more planning to get through with each group and involves a bit more elaborate systems than the other games. Great for when you have a bit more time on your hands. The depth of the game is addicting, but once you’ve used all of your StreetPass people, you’re done for that session, unless you want to use some of your play coins to get some more pieces.

All of these games are currently available by updating your system, if you haven’t already, and purchasing them within the StreetPass Plaza. They each cost $5, but if you decide to get them all, they’ll knock the total down to $15 granting you one free game. So far, the only trouble I’ve had with these new games is that when tacked onto the other games I’m already playing it adds quite a bit of time to my total StreetPass experience. This is fine in normal situations, but if you want to accrue a bunch of puzzle pieces, at an event with a lot of people to meet for instance, you may have to skip doing some of the other games to get those numbers. You could be looking at upwards of a half-hour to get through all six games, but having more is hardly a bad thing. If you like StreetPass, you won’t be disappointed by these new additions, so check them out.

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