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PAX EAST 2013 | Quests At Large For “Elder Scrolls Online”

Posted on March 22, 2013 AT 12:07pm

The worlds are massive in each of the Elder Scrolls game alone, so imagine what would happen if all the worlds were to be featured in one game. Well wonder no more, as the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online is close at hand.

Taking place a thousand years before any of the Elder Scrolls games take place, this MMO will have you hacking, slashing, casting spells, mixing potions, and collecting familiars all throughout the game, and that is but a small fraction of what is to come in the full experience. During my 90 minutes of gameplay I found myself slaying orcs, rescuing hostages, taking disguises, and helping a poor goblin change back to a drunkard. While walking through the areas I came across many hidden chests, goodies to create potions, and new weapons and upgrades to help me out in battle.

The Elder Scrolls Online is a beautiful place to explore. The worlds, characters, and even many of the objects are detailed to the fullest extent, even with the little changes of color that happen between daylight and night time. It’s not Skyrim-quality, but definitely somewhere in-between that and Oblivion. Of course with it still in beta there were a couple of hiccups. During a couple battles the enemy would somehow get stuck in a wall, or even on a branch up on a tree. Odds are these little glitches will be fixed by the game’s official launch, though we can’t really count everything being perfect on day one.

Controlling the game is also a cinch. Using the AWSD setup and mouse you’ll be moving around the worlds with ease. With a press of a button you’ll be able to access your inventory, switch weapons and clothes, and do a little potion-making. There are also some hidden little Easter eggs you can type in, ranging from playing a musical instrument to doing a little drunk dance.

So far The Elder Scrolls Online shows a lot of potential, and with its PvP setup it is bound to win many MMO fans over. This being a popular franchise, however, gamers will probably jump on it anyways. That being said, with the amount of quests and tasks that you’ll be able to do in a very detailed game, this MMO can easily be deemed worth of an Elder Scrolls title.

The Elder Scrolls Online is currently in closed beta, according to Zenimax’s General Manager Matt Firor, a more open beta will be coming to us sometime near the end of the month.

Evan Bourgault is an accomplished music, anime, and video game critic. His passion for discovering new bands, developers, and Japanese pop culture began in his college radio days and continues on today. Evan joined the ElectricSistaHood team in 2008, where he is a contributing editor and host of one of the network's weekly podcasts. Follow Evan on Twitter at twitter.com/King_Baby_Duck

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