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Pax East 2013 | Volition and Saints Row IV… For the American People….

Posted on March 23, 2013 AT 02:19pm

It couldn’t get anymore patriotic than this!

Imagine a small boy, 12 years old, with a deep love of video games. He had one simple dream: to go the biggest video game convention in his area. It is his American right to do just that. Who can he turn to? His law abiding mother can’t help; she couldn’t get him a pass in time. How about the convention itself? Nope. They would just politely explain that rules cannot be broken for him.

But somehow that little boy got exactly what he wanted, and had the best day of his life…due to some unknown hero who didn’t always play by the rules.

Sometimes heroes come from the least likely place. Breaking the societal norms of justice and order are common staples in Volition’s Saints Row franchise. In the Saints universe, the best way to get stuff done is to set an over the top plan in motion and pray to whoever you pray to that is succeeds.

This is a befitting spirit for the land of the free. It should come as no surprise that our protagonist from Saints Row 3 would ascend to their rightful place as leader of the free world. What out-of-this world threat will we face this time in the eagerly anticipated Saints Row IV? Aliens. Looks like enforcing stricter border patrol policies isn’t going to cut it in this game. It’s time to bear arms and kick some alien ass.

Volition has showed us just how over-the-top crazy they could go, but now they are pushing out beyond the crazy that was Saints Row: the Third towards sheer perfection. Familiar characters will return while new ones burst onto the scene. Customization gets a little more love with the introduction of weapon customization. (Haven’t you ever wanted to walk down the street with a rocket launcher that looked like a beat up guitar case?–stop lying to yourself, you know you have.)

Also, I have two words for you: DubStep Gun. Now, three words: Think about it.

Many fans were concerned the final curtain was about to fall on Volition after they lost their home at THQ earlier this year. However, a new home was found at Koch Media with publisher Deep Silver who is on board with Volition’s vision for the franchise, and intends to let them do what they do best – which is everything.

On August 20th the world as we know it will need some saving, and it’s up to our loveably mischievous Saints to do it!

In Saints, we trust!

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