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PAX EAST 2014 | 11 bit studios Shows Another Side of “War”

Posted on April 21, 2014 AT 07:33am

Whenever the concept of war is put into a video it’s almost always the same. You’re put in the shoes of a soldier, given a gun, and then proceed to kill enemy soldiers. Slaughter, rinse, repeat. However have you ever stopped to think of those that wind up being victims of a post-war country? What happens when the bullets stop firing, the country’s in shambles, and the people that have been invaded have been left to fend for themselves? That’s exactly what 11 bit studios is trying to showcase in their upcoming game This War Of Mine.

Inspired by the events in Bosnia, Syria, and Libya This War Of Mine has you take control of a group of civilians as they search for food, weapons, and other survival tools within a besieged city. During your play through you’ll come across other survivors. Sometimes you can do an even trade for supplies, other times you’ll be forced into a corner and have to kill them in order to live another day. During my play through at PAX East I mostly found myself dealing with the latter when it came to other survivors.

At the 11 bit studios booth I played the first few days of This War Of Mine. In the demo I took control of a team of three survivors, each with their own strengths (shooting, fighting, sneaking around) and weaknesses (hunger, illness, lack of sleep). I first started out by searching through our own hideout, where I found food and some supplies needed for going out to search other areas. Once it was dark I sent out one of the three survivors to one of the many areas in the city on the search for more food and much-needed items. In one garage level I came across two other survivors. One quickly ran to the other, with both soon coming after me fast. I did what I could to fend myself, but sadly my character met his demise. Other levels had me searching through abandoned homes, basements, and even brothels for all my necessities, all of which had some pretty dangerous characters I had to deal with.

This War Of Mine isn’t the type of game you just run into a building and grab everything you can. There’s a certain precise way to take control of a dire situation such as this. However as there is a time limit in the level what you have to do needs to be figured out quick. Sometimes you can time your movements right so as to avoid contact with others in the area. In other moments the only thing you can do is search as much as you can, and take down anyone in the area that can be considered a threat. It’s not easy to survive, but when death is the only other option there is no choice in the matter.

This War Of Mine is so far a pretty dark, grisly, and — most important of all — realistic portrayal of war-torn civilians looking for any means to live. It may not be the type of game that will draw in the usual Battlefield-playing crowds, but for those looking to see another side of what war does will want to invest heavily in this game. Though there is no official release date set, This War Of Mine is due to hit the PC later this year.

An accomplished music, anime, and video game critic, Evan Bourgault has been a Contributing Editor and Podcast host with ElectricSistaHood since 2008. His passion for discovering new bands, developers, and Japanese pop culture began in his college radio days and continues on today. Follow Evan on Twitter at

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