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If You Have a Vita, You Need the Trigger Grips

Posted on January 12, 2013 AT 12:50pm

The best gift that you can recieve is one that manages to completely floor you and wasn’t even on your list.  I got such a gift this xmas in the form of the PS Vita Trigger Grips.  In spite of, when you really get down to it, this product simply being a piece of plastic that you can snap onto your Vita, it changes the handheld experience in ways I could never have expected.

There are many pieces of plastic stored in various closets and cabinets across my apartment.  Many of them claimed to enhance my gaming experience and, after a short term of use, have been completely abandoned.  After spending some time with the PS Vita Trigger Grips, I have a very different opinion of what this accessory does for my experience with my Sony handheld.

I never had a huge problem with how the PS Vita felt in my hands until I snapped it into this accessory.  When holding onto the system normally, there’s not much extra room around the edges to grip onto.  This is in-part due to the multitudinous features built into the console, so it’s hard to place much blame.  When you’re holding it by the sides, the buttons are also pretty close to the edge and it feels just a bit cramped.  I’ve also accidentally used the rear touch-screen by accident on multiple occasions.  The shoulder buttons, while they work fine, are also a bit small making them a little awkward to press.

Once you’ve snapped the Vita into the Trigger Grips, all of these small nit-picky issues instantly go out the window.  It gives you handles to hold onto the system, making it very similar to the experience of holding onto a PS3 controller.  These handles then give your thumb a little extra space to make hitting the face buttons feel more natural.  It gives you a very clear hole in the back where the rear touch-screen is exposed, making it much more clear when you have your hand resting on that area.  Finally, the triggers are made much larger with this attachment and extends them a bit along the back as well.

I rarely say this about any handheld accessory, but there is absolutely no reason why, if you are a PS Vita owner, you should not own this product.  It not only makes the handheld console significantly more comfortable to hold, but much easier to play.  The only thing against it would be that it adds a bit of bulk to the system, but it’s perfectly easy to pop out and reinsert when you’re ready to play.  If you have a PS Vita, you need the Trigger Grips, end of story.

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