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REVIEW | Slashing Up On A “Tangram Attack!”

Posted on August 11, 2014 AT 03:04pm

Good visual and mental puzzlers can come quite few and far in-between in the gaming realm. Sure, there are some titles you can get a quick brain buzz off of in any mobile App Store, or perhaps something tiny to put your eyes and fingertips on while you pass the time away. The folks at Square One Games, on the other hand, would rather give players longer, more challenging experience, and that is what they have done with their 3DS-exclusive game Tangram Attack!

Tangram Attack! has you slicing off the shapes from a tangram one-by-one, as you attempt to raise your combo meter and avoid accidentally slicing off more than your katana can handle. As the game progresses, the colors of the shapes become way too similar, until you reach a point where you can’t differentiate how two triangles pieced together as a square split in the middle. There is a little guide on the top screen as to which shapes are left to be slashed, but even so it gets very tricky.

The game has you go through four different modes. The first is training mode setup, where you attempt to reach black-belt status. As you progress in training you’ll be able to unlock the three other modes of the game. Zen is a slow-paced puzzle mode where you keep slashing away until you make three mistakes. If performed at a turtle’s pace Zen can be very calming, especially after going through the two other modes.

Blitz will give you a minute to slash away at tangrams in order to reach the highest score possible. The less mistakes you make the higher your combo meter will become, leading you towards a much bigger payout in the end. Finally there is Arcade mode, which allows you to cut away until time runs out. However, make a mistake, and seconds will be sliced away from what is remained. It’s probably the toughest mode on there, as I found myself only getting past three tangrams during my current playtime.

A game like Tangram Attack! requires a good control scheme, and fortunately we’re given just that. Using your stylus will slice away shapes from the tangram with relative ease. It’s only when you have same-colored shapes where the controls become more luck of the draw rather than skill.

The only downside to the game is that there is no sort of multiplayer mode for gamers to go head-to-head on, neither local or online. What’s more there’s no real way to boast one’s high scores, other than on the game’s Miiverse page. It’s a real shame, considering something like that would boost the replay value up a few extra points.


  • Fun challenging modes, puzzles
  • Great stylus control schemes


  • Same-colored shapes together can be frustrating
  • No online/local co-op mode


Tangram Attack! is a fun little puzzle title, and for its $2.99 price point it’s quite the value. While there are some that may complain about the lack of extras, for what it’s worth this is a title that’ll have you slashing away the time with either the calmest of zen or the swiftest of attacks.

FINAL GRADE: 7.3 (out of ten)

Review code provided by Roger Freddi of Square One Games

Evan Bourgault is an accomplished music, anime, and video game critic. His passion for discovering new bands, developers, and Japanese pop culture began in his college radio days and continues on today. Evan joined the ElectricSistaHood team in 2008, where he is a contributing editor and host of one of the network's weekly podcasts. Follow Evan on Twitter at

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