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Sony Has Hardware Synergy

Posted on September 16, 2013 AT 09:00am

The goal, it seems, of the newest set of gaming platforms is to be a central unit of entertainment for your entire living room. One company that has done a pretty great job of infiltrating everyone’s living room has to be Apple. It seems pretty standard for a house to at least have some combination of iPad, iPod and iPhone somewhere in there. This begs the question, is it really the right angle to create one thing that handles the entire living room? This is the tactic being attempted by the Wii U and Xbox One, but Sony is taking an approach very similar to Apple by facilitating synergy between both of their gaming platforms.

In the early days of my PS Vita ownership, I’ll be honest, the thing didn’t get a ton of playtime. Yes, I would play the heck out of it when a new AAA title hit the system, which was less often than I would’ve liked, but every other time it would mostly collect dust. Since then, Sony has implemented a few different systems which I’ve found have had me coming back to the system more and more.

When Sony first announced the concept for cross-buy games, I thought it sounded too good to be true. You buy a regularly-priced game for the PS3 and get a free digital copy of it for the Vita? There has to be a catch in there somewhere, right? As I came to find out, aside from Vita memory card space issues, there really wasn’t. You buy the game and suddenly have two available platforms to play. With the certainty that customers who own both devices had the game in each place, Sony was able to implement additional features.

Cross-save takes you through a short menu interaction which sends your save, either on PS3 or Vita, and sends it up to the cloud which can be retrieved on the other system. This means, for any game that supports it, that you can switch platforms any time one of them becomes inconvenient and hold onto your progress. With so many compatible titles popping up on PSN nowadays, it’s been hard to find the space on my Vita to house all the gaming goodness.

With the PS4 on the horizon and game announcements coming left and right, there’s one phrase I keep hearing over and over again that keeps me optimistic for Sony’s strategy: Coming to PS4 and PS Vita. It seems like most of the indie titles headed for the PS4 are also hitting the Vita, which means whether the TV is in use or your Vita battery has gone kaput, you’ll be able to play all those awesome games. In short, they’re making it a real plus to own both of their devices and use them together. If the PS Vita TV ends up working out after its Japanese release in November, it could be the final thing that makes it easy for an entire household to be a PlayStation household. The tiny box will have the ability to stream a PS4 from another room and even play PS Vita cartridges with a PS3 controller.

Having one box that controls everything in your living room is an admirable goal to work towards, but as of right now, that’s not how things operate. We use several different devices that, when made by the same company, work together to give you a cohesive experience. By focusing on gaming, Sony has taken a good step in the direction of having that line of products that can give you a seamless gaming experience in your living room.

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