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Sony Offers Up Meaty Soul Sacrifice Demo

Posted on April 19, 2013 AT 08:48am

After quite a delay, PlayStation finally offered up a demo version of their upcoming Vita title Soul Sacrifice this Wednesday. Stretching the boundaries of what you might call a demo, this content contains a huge chunk of the game to both whet your appetite and get you properly familiar with its mechanics before their April 30th release date. The only question at this point is whether this game was worth the long wait, or if Sony sacrificed too much time getting it into the hands of game-hungry Vita owners.

In the post announcing the official release of the Soul Sacrifice demo, they mention that, unlike most demos, you were going to have access to a huge amount of content. Always cautiously optimistic, I dove into the trial version to discover that they really weren’t kidding. The demo offers up the entire first chapter of the game and even allows you to try out the online multiplayer functions. In a demo model that would do well to be emulated, this amount of accessibility in this trial is no mistake.

The whole idea behind a demo is not only to give consumers a quick taste of your product, but to make sure they’re ready to come back for more. Some demos will simply throw you into the main gameplay of a game without providing any context as to what’s going on and forces you to jump in without allowing you to gradually learn the basics of the gameplay. Soul Sacrifice actually takes the first huge chunk of the game and invites you to start as though it’s the full version.

Soul Sacrifice is a magical brawling game that has you constantly choosing between saving your enemies to increase your health or sacrificing them to boost your power.  Each mission in the game has you pitted, in varying arenas, against a variety of horrifyingly designed demons. You have six slots of powers that can be chosen, which are earned upon the completion of each mission. When you have multiples of one power, they can be combined to increase its power. You have to be careful in battle though, as if you use these powers too much, they can break and be useless until you use another form of currency to revive them outside of battle.

Allowing you to experience the entire first chapter of this game in the demo is the smartest thing Sony could have done. The game is certainly not uncomplicated and in my first few battles, I really didn’t understand much about what I was doing.  Throughout the pace of that initial portion of the game however, I eventually, not only understood, but really started enjoying my battles. The depth and growth of your various abilities is interesting and each battle requires more than just button mashing to achieve victory.  When the final version of the game comes out, if I choose to do so, I can carry over my save file to the full version of the game, which makes it feel even more like playing a chunk of the real thing.

The move of allowing players to experience such a large chunk of the game up front is the smartest thing Sony could have done with Soul Sacrifice. Giving you time to really appreciate the game instead of throwing you in the deep end and frustrating you is the only way to properly preview this fun new title. If you have a Vita, this will end up being another of the games you will need to pick up. If you haven’t already, don’t sacrifice any more time and download that demo now.

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