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Anime’s Spring 2014 Season is Underwhelming

Posted on June 18, 2014 AT 05:42pm

The two anime seasons prior to this had some heavy hitters. Do I have to mention Kill la Kill, or Space Dandy? There were so many strong titles that have come out recently, but you can only ride a wave for so long, before it comes crashing back down. Welcome to Spring 2014.


I am really underwhelmed with most of the anime I’ve sampled this season, and there are 30+ anime in the list! Even with the anime I like, I feel like I should watch anything else but the spring anime I favor. Before counting down the top 5, let’s start with the worst anime. At the absolute bottom is Daimidaler: Prince Vs. Penguin Empire, AKA Daimidaler: the Sound Robot. Daimidaler is, in part, an anime spoof, but it’s also overly perverse, and its characters are uninspired. I can’t watch a dude just groping and squeezing the boobs of an unwilling girl every episode. It gets credit for unique mecha design, at least.

The show barely a rung above Daimidaler is Dai Shogun- The Great Revolution. Like Daimidaler, it’s main goal is to put tits on display. Maybe it could skate on its perversity- if the animation wasn’t so damn awful. Let’s talk about more titty anime, shall we? Dragonar Academy looks a lot better than Dai Shogun, but it’s a show with a lot of characters, but no characters that you care about. The show is made for viewers to go on their computer after an episode, and ship one guy or a generously busted girl with another guy or girl. Ship on, shippers!

Let’s move off the badness, and the blandness, and let’s talk about the controversial. The Irregular at Magic High School is personally controversial, because I can’t see how people went wild for this anime adaptation. It’s the same story about one dude and a lot of potential romantic pairings- including his own sister. Why do people like this show? Is it because the main character is super badass? He wasn’t badass enough for me to continue past the first episode. I did watch a few episodes of Rowdy Sumo Wrestler Matsutaro, and it captured my attention by having a horribly unlikable protagonist, possibly the m,ost unlikable in the history of anime. Matsutaro rivals villains-as-protagonists in terms of horrendous behavior. Brynhildr in the Darkness comes from Lynn Okamoto, creator of Elfen Lied. He brings more of his genre-clashing and girl murder to a 2014 audience. It’ll be up to you whether that’s what you’ve always wanted in an anime, or it’s the most wretched thing to ever be animated.

The big middle of this season’s anime sandwich is full of anime that are solid, but I haven’t found the heart to continue watching them. Some of the spring’s sports anime caught my attention, and I that’s a feat, as I am not a fan of sports at all. Then we have a couple of reverse harem shows ( Kamigami no Aosobi and La Corda D’Oro- Primo Passo) that are far better than a show like, say, Amnesia or Diabolik Lovers. The anime made for younger kids is also alright; like most of these anime, they’re simply alright. My honorable mentions for the spring are The World is Still Beautiful, Nanana’s Buried Treasure, Black Bullet, and One Week Friends.


You’ve read enough, so here are my top 5!


5. Riddle Story of Devil- I don’t apologize for watching a dumb yuri death game anime, not one bit. Yeah, you see some skin,, and the protagonist is bland, but I just like the death competition sub-genre, OK?

4. Mekaku City Actors- Tremendous style, and barely any substance. This is the top visual anime of the season, bar none. It looks great and it zigs stylistically when other anime choose to zag. The show is about a group of kids with superpowers, but they don’t seem to be in a rush to save the world. The show goes into the future, where something has gone wrong, but in the present, these boys and girls act like most other kids their age.

3. No Game, No Life- A show co-starring a loli? What the hell is wrong with me? So this show is about two siblings, a boy and a girl, who call themselves Blank. They are the best gamers alive, it seems. They are so good that they get a mysterious invitation to go into another world, a world based totally on games. No Game, No Life might repel other people with the cocky NEET gamers Blank, their uncomfortable relationship, and the fan service, but I can tolerate all of that. I am compelled to see f Blank truly never loses.

2. Chaika the Coffin Princess- ANOTHER loli show? I have to have my head checked. Maybe some anime fans just can’t get enough of lolis, but that’s not what I come to anime for. Thankfully, Chaika isn’t about the sexualization of  young girls. What it is about is magic, adventure, and well structured action. It’s the best action show of the spring season.

1. Ping Pong: The Animation- WOW. WOOOOOOOOOOOW. This is the first time I can recall loving a sports anime this much. I have watched sports anime, and I only tend to like fighting sports. My love for Ping Pong starts with its director. Masaaki Yuasa has directed great things, like The Tatami Galaxy. His art style is realistic, but it’s weird, and it’s ugly at times. The art puts a lot of anime fans off, because they want polish, they want beautiful looking characters. I’ll give up all the beautiful anime for shows like Ping Pong. I feel that the characters I am watching could exist in real life, because they aren’t a jumble of stock behaviors from the anime cliche book. Yuasa and Nobutake Iso make a great team, and they have adapted a fantastic anime. If you’re cold to sports anime, I hope that you will not pass Ping Pong by.

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