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The Winter 2013 Anime, Pt. 2: Meh City

Posted on April 17, 2013 AT 06:00pm

This is going to be the category with the largest number of titles included. Instead of being a downright stinky season, Winter 2013 turned out to be just…there. What you might notice here is that I am quite a softy. I’ve given a lot of these shows a pass. Don’t hold back your comments if you feel a show shouldn’t be in this category.

Ai Mai Me


This’ll be the only show that gets two images instead of one, and you can imagine why.  Short shows are a big thing now, and Ai Mai Mi is one of them. Short anime tend to be comedies, and comedy is already a hard sell at the typical half hour length. So what got me with Ai Mai Mi was just the utter absurdity of it all. Anything can and will happen in this show about 3 silly schoolgirls.  While it is meh (these short shows have typically bad art) it’s a high meh. If gag manga is your thing, you have seen many anime about school girls doing increasingly ridiculous things, so Ai Mai Mi has stiff competition.

# of episodes watched: ALL

GJ Club

Not that good of a job, club! Ah, the cliches, the cliches. Oh, we’ve never seen a very short character, or a tsundere character, or a hungry character, or- can I just stop now? It’s basically a harem gathered in an after school club, a club that’s not particularly about anything. Even with the boredom this show’s characters force on me, there is still enough wit at the edges of GJ Club to allow me to not completely despise it.

# of episodes watched: 1

Problem Children are Coming from Another World, aren’t they?

You know what I hate? Overconfident heroes! I cannot stand if a hero in anime is well aware that no harm will come to him, especially if he’s like that at the outset. Look at this ass. He’s hateable! Yeah, we know that the protagonists are probably not going to die, but how can you rot for someone who’s so saturated with win? He’s not the only character, but the other two girls aren’t so interesting that I want to watch the show for them. There’s also a bunny girl, wittily called Kurosagi (black rabbit= kuro usagi), who is the catalyst bringing these three together.

What might bring me back to this show is that the “problem children” have been brought to this magical universe to play some sort of game, and they have abilities which may give them an advantage. It’s not a bad show, but, again, I need my heroes to be somewhat humble.
# of episodes watched: 1



This could be a good show. I don’t know if it could be worth watching completely. All that it has going is the gimmick which involves our main guy and girl. Eita is some whatever dude. Girls come over to his house or something; he’s spoiled with female attention for no good reason. So, yeah, he’s the typical lead male in a harem show. Eita’s kinda funny, in his defense, but so far, he’s not really special. Masuzu then enters his life, and turns it upside down. The only one who might save him is his lifelong  female friend.

So if you watch any harem show from Winter 2013, this should be it.
# of episodes watched: 1



Like I said, I don’t like heroes who are cocky and overly confident. That goes for any protagonist, whether they be hero or villain. Our titular villain not only has awesome abilities untouched by anyone else, but he’s also got resources that would make a James Bond villain enraged with jealousy. I should like this show, but I don’t.  While Kyosuke is the type of protagonist I’m not thrilled with, we do have another character to follow, one whose loyalties make the show intriguing.

# of episodes watched: 2


Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East


What is this thing? I mean, for real. I could only stick around for one episode, because I felt that there was too much involved in the lives of these characters. You mean that these people are dogs or something, but then one of them’s a boy, but was once a girl, and then there’s a crow on some kid’s arm? I liked the weird creatures and such in this show (hairy eyeball!), but I just could not hang with this show. The characters don’t draw me in, either, so I’m abandoning this show.

# of episodes watched: 1


Where to begin with this show. Hmm. Kotura-San starts off where few comedies do: with oodles of tragedy. Kotura-san lays the misery on fucking thick, and doesn’t let up. Oh, and then it’s comedy time! This is in the meh pile because the comedy doesn’t wow me as much as the first few minutes of sadness shocked me. I might return to the show, but it’s Spring already!
# of episodes watched: 1

Cuticle Detective Inaba

For a show I ended up disliking, I gave it a big chance. Cuticle Detective Inaba’s concept of what’s funny lies in a) the straight man screaming out what’s literally happening b) people being gay and c) random characters with random quirks. Part A NEVER works for me, Part B, maybe, and Part C has potential, but only if you concoct a funny character. So the crew threw elements in the comedy washing machine, and this is what was spit out; unfunny noise.

Out of all the characters, I think, is Don Valentino. As you can see, he’s not the title character. I don’t care about Inaba, I don’t find him  or the people around him very funny, and I can’t count the laughs it gave me on two hands.
# of episodes watched: 2


Ishida and Asakura

This is the only show on the list that I KNOW is base and horrible and cheap, but I still found it funny. This show is for clods, and sometimes I just like clod comedy. It’s a stupid, simple show! It’s a quickie show, though, so by the time the stupid jokes are over, it’s time to watch another episode! Altogether, watching the whole season was equal to just one episode of a regular length anime, so as brain-dead as the show was, It was over nearly as quickly as I pressed play.
# of episodes watched: ALL





Who is this anime for? Is it for people who really love jokes about Osakans? Is it for us foreigners? That’s a very low possibility. Is it for guys who love girls from Osaka? I don’t get the need for this show. I know that the jokes might not be made for me, but I don’t think that this anime has sides splitting in its native country.

# of episodes watched: 2

Encouragement of Climb

“Yay, we’re going to climb a mountain, and then we’re going to-” ah, forget it. I would maybe come back to this show, but the idea that students would be interested in mountain climbing is cooler than actually spending time watching the show. It’s a 3 minute show, so it wouldn’t be hard to finish this series, but I don’t think this series is going anywhere interesting.

# of episodes watched: 1

Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman

The last time I watched something related to Monkey Punch, it was Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, and it was pretty awesome. So why not watch more Monkey Punch stuff, right? That was a mistake! Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman is an anime based on weak source material (a pachinko game, or something) and cobbled together from what seems like random ideas. Hey, let’s put a German dude in this anime. Hey, lets have some kinda steampunk superhero stuff in here! I don’t have time for such a weakly developed anime. Just bring me more Lupin.

# of episodes watched: 1


So that’s it for the meh, and we will next see what two anime are really worth watching.

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