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There Is Zero Escape From the Virtue’s Last Reward Demo

Posted on October 3, 2012 AT 12:06pm

Demos on the PS Vita can often be few and far between, but yesterday a big one dropped on PSN.  The trial version of novel-puzzler Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward is now available for download on the PS Vita.  The game is the sequel for the DS title Zero Escape: Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors and features a return of antagonist Zero and the nonary game.

The demo offers a try at each of the types of gameplay available for the game: novel and escape.  The novel section is very similar to what you may remember from Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors.  As the characters explore the crazy situation they’ve been put in, you see and hear the story unfold.  Most of the characters, other than the lead, have voices.  A welcomed return, if you get sick of hearing those voices, is the ability to fast forward through these conversations so you can get to the content you haven’t read or heard.  The story in the first game was one of the main things that kept me hooked to the game and this one looks to repeat that with a new nonary game and cast of colorful characters.

With the added horsepower of the Vita, the environments and characters look quite a bit better than in the previous game.  It really shines when you get to the escape section of the demo.  In Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors, the backgrounds and characters were pre-rendered 2D images.  In Virtue’s Last Reward, they’ve been replaced with crisp-looking 3D backgrounds to great effect.  The escape sections again have you traveling through different rooms and finding clues to help you get to the next area.  Many of the puzzles have to do with figuring out patterns in symbols and numbers a few, even in the easy mode of the demo, were fairly challenging.

The big draw for this game, and the one that came before it, is the choose-your-own-adventure aspect of the game.  Each decision you make effects the outcome of the game and find the exact path to the true ending can be an addicting process.  When I got my hands on Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors, it ruled my life until I was able to finish it.  This game looks to be just as addicting, offering a brand new chapter in the Zero Escape series.  Check out the demo now for your PS Vita and look for the game to launch on the 23rd of this month for the PS Vita and 3DS systems.

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