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The Winter 2013 Anime Pt. 3(of 3): The Best of the Best

Posted on April 27, 2013 AT 12:46pm

As with the crap list, the best list is not going to be a long read. This is why the winter TV season isn’t really worth your time.

Maoyu Mao Yusha

So here’s something different! When you see a female lead character with large breasts, you’re either thinking “Yay! This is gonna be pervy!” or “Ew, this is going to be pervy.” Both types of people are wrong. “What about the freakishly large breasted Cow Girl?” you may ask? “That,” I’d respond, “is just a joke, and I don’t think the Cow Girl shows up again, after her 2 seconds on screen.” What the show spends most of its time on is a story about a Hero (only called Hero) and a Demon “King” (only called Demon King) who, rather than fulfill their defined destinies, decide to cooperate on another plan.

So we are taken on this journey, and if you know of Spice and Wolf, the comparisons just itch to be made. This is not as amazing as Spice and Wolf though. Maoyu is a beautiful series that introduces us to a smart female lead who looks like she should be part of some harem show, but she isn’t treated as one. My quibble with the show is that  the romance between the Hero and the Demon is forced on us immediately, rather than having it develop naturally. Even with that ridiculous point in mind, Maoyu is the best show of the Winter season.

# of episodes watched: 4



One, “-yu,” then another “-yu”. Senyu, though, is a totally different beast than Maoyu. This is another story about typical heroes behaving atypically. This ain’t no drama, though! This isn’t a regular length anime, either. Most of the quickie shows I have watched aren’t all that good, but Senyu is definitely my favorite. What makes this funny? See the picture of that dude up there? He’s the source of most of the comedy. Ros is a total jerk, does whatever he pleases, and is more of a troll than a sidekick. Alba is our traditional hero, one of the many heroes in the fiction out to save the world, but not much seems to goes his way. Then the Demon King (actually the Demon King’s daughterl) Rchi, pops up, causing further trouble. So even with all of the comedies present in the Winter season, this short series stands very tall above them


# of episodes watched: ALL


So that’s it for my look at the winter season, which ended weeks ago! I will be bringing you first impressions on the current season, and it will happen very soon. Like, in less than a week. See you next time!

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