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The Winter 2013 Anime, Pt. 1: The Crap List

Posted on April 8, 2013 AT 08:13pm

hulu crunchyroll funimation

The Winter anime season has come and gone, and at this point there are few who even care to watch all the anime that have bowed in that time. If you do care to see what was worth watching in winter ’13, stick around!

Before I completed watching all the anime that are legally available, I expected to put a lot of anime into the crap pile, with less than a handful of the rest being worthy of praise. When I had more time to think about it, only one anime is truly worth being called crap. Can you guess which one it is?




The worst of the worst! UGH! Not the worst anime I’ve ever seen, not a failure on every possible level, but an anime I never want to see as long as I may live. Why is Amnesia so terrible? Maybe we should begin with the lazy “hey, let’s not put any effort into adapting this obvious video game script” approach to storytelling, or all the dull male characters, or the dull main character, or the dull female characters, or the inability to work around writing an amnesiac angle in a clever fashion. Oh, and then there are the ridiculous costumes that look like a pain for anyone to ever put on. Even as an anime character, I can’t imagine anyone would want to wear clothing that takes an hour to put on.

I would rather have a tooth pulled out than watch more of this anime. This anime is made for girls, but I cannot imagine any girl of the target age finding this anime to be fascinating. Even the Twilight fangirls would be disgusted at this series.  Maybe it was a better written video game, but I have no hope in that. I ponder what led to this show getting the greenlight. Is it all about bishis? Bishis with two-toned hair?

OK, let me give Amnesia one point in its favor: it has a nice opening song. Has nothing to do with the quality of the anime, but at least it introduced me to a nice song.

#of episodes watched: 2


Next up, it’s a gigantic list of shows that are living in a forgettable limbo called “Meh.”

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