“Otaku King” Richie Branson steps up to the mic (and to YouTube) to give us “Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis”—a tribute to the old-school days of gaming with a few special guest verses by Random (a.k.a. Mega Ran).

So, you know—sometimes it’s easy to get a little down on gaming fandom, as we seem to constantly find reasons to argue with one another about points we disagree on. (A situation I’m right in the middle of in these last 24 hours when debating the whole Tomb Raider issue online.)

Then, you come across stuff like this track, which reminds you that being a gamer is supposed to be about the games, and coming together—no matter who or what you are—and sharing that love for and enjoyment of games. So, Otaku King and Mega Ran—wherever you are, I’ll think back to the hours and hours of joy I got from those two wonderful little 16-bit consoles in your honor.

Also, check out what both guys are currently up to over on www.richiebranson.com and www.megaran.com.


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