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Genre: MMO
Publisher: Hi-Rez Studios
Developer / Co-Developer: Hi-Rez Studios

Global Agenda is a Free-to-Play shooter MMO set in 2155 after a devastating Third Great War. Players jetpack through a sci-fi world while competing in fast-paced, multiplayer matches. Players can experience storydriven PvE content or try their hand at PvP as they progress toward level 50. Players can choose to play the game solo, group up to tackle quests and dungeons, or join even larger scale raids. The Recursive Colony Expansion, released in September 2011, is the largest content update for Global Agenda to date, adding a brand new open zone, new quests, dungeons, and bosses to challenge players. Global Agenda was the very first game to be offered as Free-to-Play on Steam.

Key Features

4 distinct classes: Recon (Scout), Assault (Tank), Medic (Healer), Robotics (Technician). In-depth character customization allows you to individualize your agent.

Hundreds of class-specific items, upgradeable weapons and armor such as: sniper rifles, gun turrets, force fields, holographic decoys, robotic pets, rocket launchers, mines, gas bombs, hammers, swords, axes, and more.

Diverse class skill trees: Each class has two very specific trees. All four classes also share a ‘Balanced’ tree which includes general buffs to Health, Damage, Power Pool,and Protections.

Crafting system allows players to create items, including weapon modifications and pets from materials gathered during PvE challenges.

Social hub of Dome City contains vendors, a player Auction House, and access to a VR fighting arena for practice.

Dynamic raid and dungeon-finding system as well as story-driven quest chains and daily quests for solo agents and teams. Furthermore,the Recursive Colony Expansion added new content and a brand new open zone to explore. In-depth character customization.

In-game rankings and matchmaking to compete in multiple PvP game modes: Demolition, Control, Payload, Scramble, and Breach. PvP success earns you rewards like the holographic armor.

Open Zones and new content to explore with the Recursive Colony Expansion.

Agency vs. Agency territory control.


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