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ZombieU Poses Fierce Competition Against Dead Space, Survival Horror Has Changed

Posted on July 26, 2012 AT 04:02pm

The WiiU game console is now truly a must buy system day 1, but WHY? Ok here it goes ZOMBIEU and the team over at Ubisoft has showed and proved that they can actually be the best in survival horror.

The graphics, the atmosphere, the creativity, the use of the WiiU Screen for great gameplay is what a launch title and franchise should represent. This game has it all and more and this interview will shed light on new info about what ZombieU is all about and what it’s prepared to deliver for the gamers in this industry.

Dead Space is a great game, but all great games eventually meet great competitors but keep this in mind. Dead Space is 3rd person and ZombieU is 1st person let’s just say that one game brings you that much more close to the action over another and this interview PROVES IT.

Enjoy it and GOD BLESS YOU ALL

London is falling! Are YOU prepared? It is 2012 and the Last Blight is upon us… It was foretold.

For the second time in history, a great plague has enveloped London in a fog of death. Big Ben tolls as hundreds upon thousands of the unprepared die or are infected by a sickness worse than death…

You are still breathing, for now. But how long will you survive in the labyrinth of London streets and underground — abandoned by the outside world, surrounded by the Infected. The horrifying remains of humanity ravaged by the foul disease shuffle through the streets, waiting to prey on your living flesh at every turn!

ZombiU™ is built from the ground up to take full advantage of the WiiU and its revolutionary controller and will test your will to survive in a fear-fueled zombie Survival Horror First Person Shooter. So grab hold of the Swiss knife of survival kits — your Nintendo WiiU controller — and stock up your Bug-Out Bag with supplies! Make every second count; you only get one chance.



TWO SCREENS, TWICE THE FEAR — Feel the tension mount as you try to keep an eye on your TV and controller screen.

SURVIVAL-HORROR AT ITS BEST — Resources are in short supply while your enemies are legion; you never know when you will find more weapons, ammunition, first aid and food. Use them wisely!

DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT YOUR BOB: The new WiiU controller becomes your Bug-Out Bag; the ultimate all-in-one survival kit for your tools, inventory, med kits, maps and more.

UNIQUE DEATH MECHANIC — If you die, you wake up to play an entirely new character who is another survivor in the same terrifying position. You will want to recover your old BOB, now worn by the last character you played…who is now a zombie!

HORDE AT YOUR DOOR — Prepare yourself for the inevitable onslaught. Stock up on guns, ammo and supplies, and lock down your Safe House! It’s time to defend your home against the ravenous, infected horde!

SURVIVORS VS. ZOMBIES — An adversarial multiplayer mode where one player takes over the role of Zombie Master (top-down view) spawns enemies and springs traps with a simple touch on the WiiU controller; while a second player (first-person view) fights for survival with the Classic Controller!

MERCY KILLER — When your character gets infected, your online friends are alerted of your death and can come and hunt down your zombified character to loot the gear in your BOB and put you out of your misery!

BASED IN LONDON — A city steeped in grisly history, royal secrets and bloody tales, where the medieval fortress of the Tower of London and the stately Buckingham Palace contrast with the modernity of the world’s most cosmopolitan city!

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