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Call of Duty MW3 Chaos Pack DLC Review

Posted on August 11, 2012 AT 08:09am

Another piece of DLC available to Elite subscribers for Call of Duty MW3. We now have in front of us the Chaos Pack DLC ! Activision has definitely done it’s part in providing alot of bang for your buck with the Call of Duty Elite Subscription Service. I must admit I was a bit skeptical last year about spending $60 on a service that was unproven. Well as it turns out that was a great choice. As they have released so much great content its hard to keep up. What do you think ?

Now the task at hand…Non Elite Members will have to pony up 12oo Microsoft Points,  it does arrive free to those who subscribe to the Call of Duty Elite Service.  It brings to the table four new Spec Ops missions and the new Chaos Mode ( Call of Duty Arcade ).

For Spec Ops we have the following new maps:


Artic Recon

Light’em Up

Special Delivery

For Face Off Mode we have the following new maps:




MW3 Chaos Pack


Gameplay:    Unchanged in the multiplayer and survival modes.   However where the big change takes place is the new Chaos mode.  In the new mode players will be literally bum rushed with foes.  Including dogs,juggernauts, and many others.  The gameplay is very fast paced.  This is not the mode where you want to camp your guy in the corner.  If you do decide to do that you may find yourself overwhelmed with the rush of enemies. The scattered weapons and powerups are a wonderful edition to the Survival formula.  Definitely a plus to be able to earn Perks such as Sleight of Hand and Quickdraw etc. With our favorite maps Resistance, Village, Underground, and Dome. It is a formula that keeps me going back for more.  Maybe it should be called Call of Duty ARCADE Mode!!  Trailer embedded below.

Like many of you .. We love our gaming !! So we took it to the next level. We figured if Hot Rod guys dress up there rides, Computer nuts beef up there rigs . Why the heck cant we do the same thing to what we enjoy.
We had spent years with little choice stuck with the same plain jane stuff the manufacturers offered us out of the box. So we took the steps of bringing Mods to all with Custom Controller and Custom Case Mods. Just to give them that personalized expierience that is not offered right out of the box. Now we have the largest selection of Modding products in the industry.

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