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The New Social Network for Gamers – TheGamersCloud

Posted on May 4, 2013 AT 07:15am

The GamersCloud


Welcome to the new way to interact with gamers, recruit members for clans, and interact with everyday Call of Duty players.  is a new website which allows new ways to find and recruit prospective gamers for different clans.  One of the things that has been lacking in the COD community is the ability to rank gamers based on their skill and how valuable they are to a team. The Gamers Cloud offers a solution for this.  They offer a service called getting ‘Cloud Verified.’  What this means is that the team at The Gamers Cloud will review your statistics based on the information you give them when you sign up, and verify them with your gamertags combat record, and look for past tournament placings as well as YouTube and twitter feeds to see how active you are as a gamer, how valuable you are for a team, and they compile all of this information to give you a rank 1-10.  This is an unbiased rank, and it gives players the ability to add their Cloud Rank into their gaming portfolio.  Along with getting Cloud Verified, clans can look for Gamers based on their cloud rank, what role they play (Objective, Slayer, Anchor, etc.), if they are Free Agents, if they are willing to travel to events, and many more different criteria.  This will change the way clans recruit members. also provides the tools for clans to create their own profile page.  This gives small clans who don’t have the capacity to set up a website to create their clan a personal page.  On this page clans can list their YouTube channel, twitter feed, current members, and they can invite other users into their clan and even have their own private clan forums within the site.  The Gamers Cloud also has areas for forums where users can discuss call of duty, sponsors can come and list what they are looking for in a clan, and gamers can start conversations about the new changes the developer is implementing into Call of Duty.  In the future The Gamers Cloud will offer tournaments where users who are signed up can get a team together and play in tournaments against other teams and Clans.

So What are you waiting for get over to  and get signed up!

Like many of you .. We love our gaming !! So we took it to the next level. We figured if Hot Rod guys dress up there rides, Computer nuts beef up there rigs . Why the heck cant we do the same thing to what we enjoy.
We had spent years with little choice stuck with the same plain jane stuff the manufacturers offered us out of the box. So we took the steps of bringing Mods to all with Custom Controller and Custom Case Mods. Just to give them that personalized expierience that is not offered right out of the box. Now we have the largest selection of Modding products in the industry.

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Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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