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Caden’s Game-a-thon – WIN 30 GEMS!

Posted on May 27, 2012 AT 10:20am

Yo ourWorlders! Caden here!
It’s been a while since the last “Web Hunt,” but I have a good excuse: I’ve been playing a TON of downWorld.

I know what you’re thinking: “Caden, you should get out more, sunlight is good for you.”

Ready to win 30 GEMS in this week’s Web Hunt?
Then keep reading!

Extreme Gamer

The contest will run for ONE WEEK (until 5/30/12)
and there will be TWENTY winners:
- The first 10 people that send in the correct answers
- And 10 randomly selected, lucky winners

1) Sign up for a Kongregate username! (If you already have one, skip this step!)
Then answer this question: How many free games are available on that website?

2) Play downWorld on Kongregate here ->
Create a new character and start playing!
What is the name of the FIRST enemy you face?

3) Then give the game a 5 star rating!
(To rate the game, you will need to sign in with your Kongregate username from Step 1)
So that we can check whether you did this step, please leave your Kongregate username as the answer to this step.

4) That’s it, you’re done! Leave your ourWorld username as the answer to this step so that we can give you gems if you win!

E-mail the answers to the questions above with “Web Hunt #54″ in the subject line to

Please do the Web Hunt yourself — Copied answers will not count!

On your marks… Get set… Flow!

Nick Baumfeld Editor-in-chief
Bio: Nick Baumfeld has been involved in the video game industry for a good 12 years. He has seen the industry from all view points and has a background in websites, website integration and social media. Nick pioneered the online video game rental business back in the day, moved forward into online video game trading and then moved viral with the well received Video Games Application on Facebook. Today, he has joined up with EGM founder Steve Harris to create something truly unique and special; EGMNOW, a community dedicated to all manner of gamers.

Gaming MO: Nick is a first person shooter type of gamer and enjoys heated bouts of Halo with friends and family (even while being schooled by his children).

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