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Weekend Play: It Came from Japan

Posted on March 15, 2013 AT 04:05pm

Welcome to EGM’s Weekend Play, a weekly account of what games the editors of EGM are currently playing, and an open conversation with you, the reader, about what you’ve been playing.

After reading what we’re playing, let us know what games you’ve been playing and what games, if any, you’ll be escaping to this weekend in the comments below!

Well, we were all eagerly expecting [redacted] to arrive this week…and, alas, we’re still waiting. I’ve still got three excellent games on hand to tide me over in the meantime, though: Fire Emblem: Awakening, Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan, and MLB 13: The Show. The likely result? I’ll marry off my Road to the Show creation, Unfrozen Caveman Ballplayer, to Awakening’s brick house of a cavalier, Sully, and have them explore the twisty labyrinths of Etrian Odyssey IV with their strapping half-Neanderthal offspring.

After striking down senators in Metal Gear Rising last weekend and eviscerating the undead in Dead Space 3: Awakened this week, it’s time to go back to my childhood a bit and tone down the violence. So, this weekend I will be immersing myself in a pair of Nintendo exclusives. The first is LEGO City Undercover, but I admit I’m a lot more excited about the second.

Over a decade ago Luigi’s Mansion charmed a lot of us gamers with its surprisingly cute and humorous story and solid controls. Now, Luigi is not only back to take on King Boo, but he’s doing it in 3D in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. I’m looking forward to seeing what Luigi can do in multiple mansions this go around as well as if the 3D will help Luigi step out of his older brother’s shadow.

So, things have been a little crazy around the EGM offices—and when I say a little, I mean a lot—so I’ve yet to be able to finish the game I was playing last weekend, Atelier Ayesha. I’m really enjoying the game, however, so I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to it and seeing it through to the end. I’ll have a review up of the game next week, in case you’re curious about how I feel in detail.

Beyond that—I don’t really know. I’d actually love nothing more than a little break at this point, as we’ve been diving hardcore into gaming due to the crazy floor of releases to hit lately. Plus, next week brings the start of the madness that will be back-to-back PAX East and GDC events. So, yeah—maybe anything but games would be the best course of action over the next couple of days.

I knew this was going to happen. All of a sudden I have a pile of games and not nearly enough time to play them all. It’s like Christmas in March!

On the top of my pile lays Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. Yes, I know this isn’t a very hardcore choice given the flood of intriguing games I have sitting under it, like God of War: Ascension, Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm, MLB 2013: The Show, and (if luck is on my side) Gears of War: Judgment. And then there’s games like Metal Gear Rising: Revengance that I keep putting on the back burner. But there is something about the prospect of bustin’ some ghosts with Mario’s oft-neglected little brother that just makes me smile.

Fortunately, with no other plans this weekend I might even be able to get to a couple of games (please Gears of War, show up today), depending, of course, on how long it takes me to make Luigi’s world safe again. Because that is my sworn duty.

This weekend I’m going to be concentrating on the slightly wounded SimCity. Despite all the negative press and obvious bugs the game is still a lot of fun—I just wish I could get a city up to the 40,000 population mark without having mass power shortages, sewage, and water issues. I’ve already spent over 20 hours playing the game creating cities and watching them fall apart before my very eyes because I suck at controlling the population and traffic. Luckily some fixes are in the works for traffic and they can’t come soon enough for me.

As usual I’ll also be spending a bit of time in Star Wars: The Old Republic preparing for the launch of 2.0, grinding reputation, partaking in the Gree event, and playing a few Warzones.

My weekend goal is to complete Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2. And by “goal,” I mean I have no choice but to, because I’ve been assigned to review both.

If, if I get the time, I’d like to complete Tomb Raider this weekend. I’ve reached the third and final act, I just need a few hours to sit down and discover the mystery of the island.

We have to go back, Kate.

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Chris Holzworth, News Editor
Chris Holzworth has wanted to write about games all his life. He first cut his teeth writing for enthusiast sites such as RPGFan, and after writing for just about every other enthusiast website he could came across, wound up as EGM's east coast news correspondent (read: editorial intern) before relocating to LA to serve as news editor. You can follow his rants about storytelling on Twitter @manadrive.[Meet the rest of the crew]

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