THE BUZZ: Blizzard recently announced Diablo 3 will not come with PVP when the game finally arrives later this year. The decision was made because the feature was not living up to the standard of quality Blizzard wanted, and felt it would be better to release the core game when it was finished and patch PVP in later, rather than delay the entire product yet again. Blizzard reassured its fans that their first post launch patch will include PVP, and that the extra time will allow them to make sure, “the Arenas are as brutal, bloody, fast-paced, and awesome as we know they can be.”

EGM’s TAKE: Not having PVP from the start may seem blasphemous to some gamers, but if it means we finally get our hands on a retail copy of Diablo 3, we can live with a post-launch patch. In the announcement Blizzard made it clear, the campaign is “just about complete, ” and not a moment too soon, with the weather is getting nicer people are beginning to ask us to do stuff. Who has time for a social life when Sanctuary needs saving.