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E3 2012: Can Platinum Game’s Project P-100 Find Success on Wii U?

Posted on June 6, 2012 AT 11:00am

High 5: Platinum does Wii U with Project P-100

Oh, Project P-100. It looks like a cross between Pikmin and Little King’s Story as a cartoony beat-em-up (sort of). It doesn’t really matter if you understand why your swarming crowd of superhero types is frantically morphing into a giant gun or blob-hopping around as a gelatin dessert to evade attacks from villains. What’s important is that it’s Platinum’s first attempt at a Wii U game, and as you’ll soon see, an interesting one at that.

He’s back, folks

Hideki Kamiya, that is. In the wake of rumors of a Bayonetta sequel (presumably not headed by series creator Kamiya) he’s evidently been busy at the helm of Project P-100. It may have a totally separate (and surprisingly family-friendly) feel than the sexualized insanity of everyone’s favorite hirsute witch, but with your super powered army’s quick beat em up combat and wildly strange super moves it sure feels like a Kaimya joint.

You’ve got the magic touch

Your hero swarm is more than just a way to rush baddies—you can use the touchscreen controller to draw shapes that will somehow morph your army into various oversized weapons to pummel, shoot or slash up your opponents, depending on what shape you make. The lines didn’t always show up properly, but what’s not to love about a ragtag group of goofy heroes hoisting around a giant gun like ants stealing a picnic?

Got a taste for chaos

In case I didn’t mention it, the game also moves at a pretty quickly, so the battles become that much more chaotic that much easier. It’s not easy to keep track of a crowd of heroes themselves—thank god they move as one clustered-but-sound unit—once you account for your drawn lines flashing rainbow on-screen, the mingling of enemy aliens (which look an awful lot like robots) and your numbers, and the giant weapons you use, you’ve got a lot of entropy on your hands.

Strength in numbers

Here’s a cool idea: rather than relying on arbitrary leveling systems, your team of heroes powers up by doing what they do best, helping out mild mannered citizens of the game’s town. After beating down foes that would prey on the weaker, you can bring the dazed city residents into the fold by drawing a line around them. Viola—new blood for your cause equals greater power while running around.

Wow, look at that

Unsurprisingly, Project P-100 is one of the more creative Wii U titles we know about right now. From what I’ve seen, town denizens rate you on your heroes progress via headlines in the local paper after clearing an area and aircraft crash into the scenery in a very Platinum-fashion; go into a building and Kamiya’s even made interesting use of the gamepad, turning it into a first-person navigation system when your heroes enter an enclosed space on the top down map. And, of course, the boss battle they’re showing off uses a God of War-style scope to show off a massive evil robot. Keep an eye out for this one, it feels like anything can happen with it.

Think Kamiya can successfully bring his personal brand of fast-paced madness to the Wii U? Should Nintendo try to take a page from his book? Tell us what you think in the comment section.

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