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E3 2012: EGM’s Most Anticipated Games of The Show

Posted on June 2, 2012 AT 09:05am

So many great games are announced for E3 every year, it’s always hard to pick out some favorites from the bunch. E3 is one of the few places where you can see both triple-A and indie titles from every conceivable genre, and as usual, there’s something for just about everyone at the show.

However, that hasn’t stopped us from highlighting the most interesting titles that we’re simply itching to play. Some of the following games have already been confirmed to appear in some form or another, while others are still nothing more than mere rumors—but we still managed to narrow it down to five titles apiece.

Here’s a look at each EGM staffer’s top anticipated E3 game, and don’t forget to click the images to see the full list of everyone’s five most wanted E3 titles so far. See you in Los Angeles!

Brandon Justice (Executive Editor)
“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Witnessing Lara Croft as a whiny, helpless wussy-puff in last year’s E3 demo had me worried that Crystal Dynamics had lost their way, but the more I’ve seen of the new Raider, the more I’m convinced that this will be an origin story for the ages.”

Eric L. Patterson (News Editor)
“As WWE star Daniel Bryan would say: ‘Yes. Yes! YES!’ My hype level for this game is seriously off the charts. Much as I love Nathan Drake and Uncharted, I’m glad to see the developer move on to something even more conceptually interesting.”

Ray Carsillo (Reviews Editor)
“A new protagonist, a new location, and the new frontier element already had this as one of my most anticipated titles for the entire year. But some new levels are also supposed to debut at E3—at this point, I don’t know how much more ‘new’ ACIII stuff I can take until my head explodes from want!”

Matthew Bennett (Associate Editor)
“The American Revolution and a new lead character—half-Mohawk Connor Kenway—certainly offer a much-needed change of pace. Throw in the new hunting mechanic along with several new weapons, and you’ve got a recipe for the best Assassin’s Creed to date.”

Andrew Fitch (Managing Editor)
“Look, I get it. It’s not a stealth game—but no true fan ever expected it to be. I think this one’s in far less trouble than some observers assume. You’ve got the minds behind Okami, God Hand, and Bayonetta involved in making Hideo Kojima’s vision of slicing, dicing cyborg-ninja Raiden come to life, and that sounds like a pretty sound bet to me.”

Josh Harmon (Intern)
“When Crystal Dynamics first announced they were rebooting Tomb Raider for the 12th time, I was skeptical that Lara would be able to stay relevant in the age of Uncharted, even with hefty gameplay changes and the increased focus on survival. Since then, everything I’ve seen or read about the game has obliterated my expectations, and it’s officially become the biggest blip on my gaming radar, E3 or otherwise.”

McKinley Noble (Contributing Editor)
The Last of Us has me hooked thanks to the novel way the developers are presenting the two main characters—not to mention the fact that developer Naughty Dog kept it under wraps for so long. They haven’t made a bad game that I can remember, so this one’s a top priority for me.”

Marc Camron (Senior Editor)
“For me, the first Epic Mickey was a joy to behold. It dug so deep in Disney obscura that my e-mail inbox was packed for weeks with friends asking me questions about the history of it all. For the sequel, Junction Point Studios president Warren Spector promises a fixed camera, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as a playable character, and musical numbers. Even if it’s bad, it should be awesome!”

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