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EGM Reader Response: Are You Happy With An Annual Assassin’s Creed Release?

Posted on April 3, 2013 AT 05:46am

Question: Are You Happy With An Annual Assassin’s Creed Release?

Yesterday, we brought you a comment from Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat where he claimed that fans are happy about the Assassin’s Creed franchise moving to yearly releases. (You can check out the full story here.) So, now we’d like to know: are you?

In that news post from yesterday, I let my feelings be known on the subject. I think the only danger from having too many studios working on the series is that the game could become watered down, and potentially lose its identity as a result of too many new ideas an innovations being thrown at it as each team tries to better the previous game. The phrase “too many cooks” comes to mind.

Simply let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We will be updating this post throughout the day showcasing the best comments. So, be sure to check back to see if yours has been chosen!

What You Said

Sai Charan: “Not completely against the annual releases, but Ubisoft should make sure that they don’t over work it. We fans are willing to wait more than a year as long as they promise a good game!”

Kathryn Goulding: “Personally I love the Assassin Creed games – I’ve played all of them and have really enjoyed each of the games in the franchise, even if they aren’t perfect (what is?) they’re very fun and gripping and obviously a lot of work goes into them – So as long as the quality remains intact and they focus on producing something well written and well made, fun and with something new with each game, I’m more than happy for a new Assassin Creed game each year! It’s not likely they’ll run out of material to use as inspiration – they’ve got all of History to choose from for settings and each game brings new ways of playing and a new story. Keep up the good work, Ubisoft!”

Harry Sheppard: “As long as it doesn’t lose what it truly is, I’m on board.”

Zahid Ahmed: “I know you guys are putting more time into developing AC games by having different group of people working for the same franchise. I appreciate it because this will give you more time to think of more creative stuff etc. Well that’s not the matter here. The matter is, gamers get bored seeing assassin’s creed coming out every year. Eventually AC lose it’s value. Take GTA franchise for instance, it comes out every 3-5 years. People get extremely excited when they see something after that long period. But trust me, so far, Assassin’s Creed is going really well besides having annual releases, the only thing I’m afraid is if this’ll turn out to be COD.”

Aaron Mayes: “It’s a hard thing to judge – On paper it seems like a bad idea as we could easily get too many “2.5″ style games. While I haven’t completed brotherhood, I am enjoying it but I hear revelations will wear the enthusiasm out of you. I think the key is to make each game unique by changing the assassin, time-period and location, which would in turn allow the dev’s to employ new gameplay mechanics around those things and give them some artistic freedom.”

Elvis Padilla Jr.: “I am all for an annual. I just hope that it doesn’t go downhill like Call of Duty. Ubisoft needs to make sure to keep it fresh, entertaining and most of all fun and enjoyable. But if the games turn out to be amazing like AC3 did and its annual, then by all means go ahead with the annual release.”

McKenzy Mangrum: “If they keep the quality and it takes more than a solid day or playing to beat, then I suppose it’s fine enough. My wallet isn’t a fan of yearly pre-orders though.”

Jaroslaw Kuhn: “I am not against an annual release of Assassin’s Creed as long as they release a well polished story and gameplay to keep me interested. My only worry is that Ubisoft will lose sight of what fans fell in love with, in the series (AC1, AC2, Brotherhood, Revelations) and release games that don’t remain true to these roots (AC3 lost the core, where is Nothing is True, Everything is permitted?). Make the story as good as Altair’s and Ezio’s, don’t drag out story too much and I will buy a new AC each year.”

Justin Hawkins: “Honestly, no, not really. Don’t get me wrong, all of the main series has been fantastic, but as a fan I’m already starting to see the strain on the story. AC I was good, AC II was a noticeable improvement. Brotherhood felt like a great “super expansion pack” to II. Revelations felt like “let’s milk more money out of this franchise.” Parts (Ezio following Altair’s path) were amazing. Others (tower defense, the new city’s plot with the Assassin’s in Ezio’s time period) just didn’t have the same spark as others. AC III is a great game, but only feels like the first two thirds of a game. His personal goal was rushed to finish the game, and should have been pushed back so he would have time to grow as a man before the end. While AC IV looks amazing, I’d rather have an AC III: Gratuitous Subtitle to finish Connor’s story, both for some closure there as well as pushing out AC IV more so it itself is a more well-polished game. As a side-note, while Desmond’s story was crazy and exciting in the first two games, by the end of III it jumped the shark so hard that Happy Day’s doesn’t look ridiculous anymore. I would love new games every year, but I’m already convinced you can’t do it AND release top-quality products. Near-top quality, sure, but that’s not what I want from an Assassin’s Creed game.”

Deniel Flickinger: “Not against them really, but if they do, the story must be good. Not too short or overly long and if it starts a new trilogy, then so be it. As long as it doesn’t lose the feeling of being an Assassin’s Creed game. I prefer that they come out every other year or so. Ubi needs to give time to flesh out the main character or do a modern version. I personally would have loved to see more modern day assassin stuff like with Desmond in AC3. We hear about the history, and in AC 1, Ezio trilogy and 3, why it was important to show the history of the assassin brotherhood and why they existed in the first place. I’m afraid that if they come out with a new on every year, they will take away from the reason that the Assassin’s Creed games were there in the first place: To freerun across rooftops, To stealthily kill your enemies, To find pieces of eden to stop evil templars from taking over the world.”

Matthew Bennett, Associate Editor
Matthew Bennett finally got his big break with EGM three years ago, following years of volunteer work for various sites. An ability to go many hours without sleep and a quick wit make him ideal for his role as associate editor at He often thinks back to the days when the very idea of this career seemed like nothing but an impossible dream. Follow him on Twitter @mattyjb89. Meet the rest of the crew.

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