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EGM DoubleTaste:
Xbox Pizza Hut App

Posted on April 24, 2013 AT 01:55pm


Ray Yesterday, some of us on the EGM crew proceeded to throw logic out the window and attempt something we’ve never done before with our Xbox 360 dashboard. No, not that. I swear some of you are sick. And besides, the holes don’t match up. No, we ordered a pizza on the new Pizza Hut app. We ordered a Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza, cheese sticks, and pizza rollers to the EGM office, but not before putting the app through its paces.
It was quite an experience. I’ll say that. I guess we had no choice, though—we would be remiss in our jobs as game reporters not to install the Xbox Pizza Hut app and give it a run. I just wish we hadn’t used my Xbox? I feel like I’ve betrayed her in some profound way. Like I’ve relegated my baby to a $300 pizza-ordering machine. But yeah—where to begin. Should we talk about the app itself? I guess so. I mean, we’re not here to review Pizza Hut, are we? The app is interesting, if nothing else. Garishly red. Xbox UI meets tomato sauce complete with pictures of pizzas. Chris
Ray Let’s not forget to mention an interactive pizza constructing screen that added our toppings. We added pepperoni and it appeared on the pizza avatar. Sausage, same thing. In fact, we tried to add every ingredient they had available until we had a monstrous looking concoction that the app wouldn’t let us order, which was probably for the best in the long run. We were going to regret our meal no matter what, no reason to make it worse than it had to be. We then went in the other direction and simply had nothing but a plain, sad looking crust. The options were within reason, but still very plentiful.
I think the biggest disappointment—besides disappointment with myself for even doing this—was the Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza. On the app, it looks like this massive, monstrous dough-bowl filled with pizza sauce, cheese, and toppings. A literal pizza pie, with depth to it. In person, it was little more than a regular pizza with some lazily-filled dough bumps. I’m glad the app wouldn’t let us select every single meat and veggie topping. Beyond undoubtedly being the worst thing I’d ever put in my mouth (and beyond the fact that I don’t eat meat), it would’ve just been a plain ol’ pizza with pepperoni et. al piled on too thick. But yeah, I mean, for anyone who would rather laboriously navigate an Xbox menu to order pizza instead of picking up a goddamn phone, the app is more then up for the task. Chris

Ray I agree, the pizza tasted like paper and the cheese sticks were far too burnt. There might be link though between how lazy someone would have to be to order pizza through their Xbox 360 and how lazy the pizza chefs are at Pizza Hut to have made such a piece of garbage pizza pie. There was also a problem with the app taking our full address as our suite number (we work in an office complex) was lost to the delivery person. And $3 for a delivery charge is ludicrous. But again, if you’ve sunk to the point of ordering Pizza Hut off the Xbox 360, you likely don’t care about the extra $3 to overcome your innate sloth-like nature.
I generally detest delivery fees—especially since the drivers usually still expect a tip. But man, if you’re going to seriously vote option Xbox Pizza Hut app instead of picking up a phone or walking down the street to your local pizza parlor, well, then you deserve an absurd delivery charge. Perhaps it’ll motivate lazy gamers to break out of their sedentary lifestyle a little. Granted, as a Philadelphian I’m used to hoofin’ it. But c’mon—it’s not as though I’m suggesting you run a 5K here—just that you use pizza pick up as a reason to get away from games for a bit. Ray, let’s never do this again. Ever. Chris
Ray The DoubleTaste or Pizza Hut?
Yes. Chris

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