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EGM Reader Response: How Do You Feel About Being Segregated in Multiplayer Based on Your Behavior?

Posted on July 5, 2013 AT 09:12am

Question: How do You Feel About Being Segregated in Multiplayer Based on Your Behavior?

Today Microsoft detailed its new Xbox One Reputation system, which will match players up in multiplayer based on how well they behave in-game. You can read the full story here, but basically, the system will reward and penalize players based on how they behave while playing via player-reporting. Players are awarded a reputation level built upon those reports, which is then used during match-making.

In theory, if you’ve a well-respected players, you’ll be put with other similar players—but, on the other hand, if you behave like a child, you’ll find yourself playing against others who also act that way. The idea is that this system will encourage players who hide away in Party Chat (to avoid the minority who ruin the atmosphere for others) to join in with game chat, without the fear of being yelled at or called some kind of derogatory term.

What we want to know is, how do you feel about this system? Is it a good move by Microsoft to help weed out unsavory Xbox Live hoodlums, or is it stifling freedom of expression? One fear is that this may cause a seedy underbelly of Xbox Live to emerge—and if the system works the way it sounds like it should, then that’s a possibility.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We will be updating this post throughout the day showcasing the best comments—so be sure to check back to see if yours has been chosen!

What You Said

August Grom: “Depending on how the rep is reported , I think it’s a good idea but if the reports are based on user experience / reporting…then we will see a flood of users false reporting others just to p**s people off. Just like in WoW.”

Josh Coombe: “It sounds great in theory but it remains to be seen what it will be like in practice, I’m likely not going to get a next gen console for awhile after they come out, and if I do it will be a PS4, so this won’t affect me, but hopefully it will create a nicer atmosphere and a more friendly situation instead of turning on your headset to a chorus of squeaky “OMG YOUR SUCH A ******* HACKER” to someone attempting to troll you.”

Francis Mogote: “It sounds good, in theory. In application, though, is what worries me. What about false accusations, who’s going to check what actually happened? It’s going to require a lot of extra work on Microsoft’s end. I don’t know…”

Tariq Shajahan: “I still find it bizarre that a game, would turn some one who is generally civil into a complete arse clown shouting foul play, make them want to verbal abuse total strangers or spam them with messages just because they play a certain way or use particular weapons or the fact they are better.I extremely doubt that they are actually going to apply it effectively. There’s way to many variables and we all know that it’s going to turn out like the rep that is out now.”

Richard Purdy Jr.: “I’m completely okay with this. I love playing multiplayer games like Battlefield 3, but I do feel like there are some people out there that ruin the experience for me. If I can find a better group of people to play with that are not my friends, more easily, that’d be fantastic.”

Mark Andrews: “Personally I think its a good thing! I think that the new Reputation system that MS have developed is a sure fire way of weeding out all the trouble makers and trolls that make other players lives hell! personally I have never been a victims of these inconsiderate gamers but I know people who have had the unfortunate pleasure of encountering these vile bullies during a casual game of Call of Duty! I think MS’s reward system will encourage gamers to compete in a more friendly atmosphere.”

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