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EGM Reader Response: How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Next Generation Consoles?

Posted on April 9, 2013 AT 07:53am

Question: How Much Are You Willing to Pay for Next Generation Consoles?

So many numbers have been thrown around since rumors of next generation consoles first began, from $300 to $600 and everything in between, but how much is too much. The latest rumor claims that Microsoft’s Next Xbox will cost $500, with a secondary subscription option that will knock the price down to $300. (Read the full story here.)

What we want to know is what is the limit? How much are you willing to pay for either the Next Xbox or PlayStation 4 and why?

Simply let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We will be updating this post throughout the day showcasing the best comments. So, be sure to check back to see if yours has been chosen!

What You Said

Mike Eldridge: “I will pay $500.00 max for the new PlayStation 4, it’s not cheap and it’s not expensive, I think it will be a fair price for it.”

William Niiranen: “I’d pay up to 400$, but not one penny over that. Why. I don’t want to pay more than that because I’m not rich. If I were rich I’d probably be able to buy it for whatever it’s up for, but if it’s up for 400$ I’d be quite happy. It seems like a fair amount.”

Grant Olson: “I say $550 max for the new systems anything over will force me to wait for a price drop on the systems.”

David N. Waste: “Next generation of consoles is providing us with some advanced equipment similar to that of a mid/high-end PC, controllers with special features, and most likely a case with an elegant design (It’s 2013, Sony and Microsoft). However, the consoles might not be able to do as much as a computer can but will most likely be portable compared to a desktop computer. They will have their wins and losses over a PC, with the wins being only simple factors. If these consoles can do as much as a PC can, I expect them to be slightly over 700 U.S.D; if not, 500 U.S.D.”

Deniel Flickinger: “I’d pay a maximum of $300 because they aren’t backwards compatible with ps3/ xbox 360 games. Yeah, the PS3 sounds pretty awesome specwise and the xbox 720 specs haven’t been released yet, but don’t Sony and Microsoft understand that most of their consumers can’t simply afford to pay 55-70 bucks for a game? Unless it is something that I have been waiting to play, I don’t bother with buying new games. I wait and buy used. They work just fine as new games.”

Angelus Rosario: “I’m planning on buying both as I’m a fan of both Sony & Microsoft…although I lean a little bit more towards Microsoft. But $450 is the most I’m willing to pay (price of the Xbox 360 now). If they’re any higher I’ll wait for a price drop.”

Adam McSherry: “I would probably wait for a price drop since I’m a bit hesitant to want to get rid of my 360. I have had a 360 for the past 6 years or so so I’m reluctant to through 6 years out the window for something else but I will no doubt get it at some point but nothing over £400 to be honest.”

Quentin Givens: “300 is the max. Unless the console can make me food, in which case it is a wonderful machine made of miracles that all gamers should own.”

Chris Hooper: “The top amount I would pay for a new system would be $450-$500. preferably $450 and if they decide on a lower price that’s even better because I have to at least get one game for the system when it launches so I’ll end up paying around $600.”

Ratthapon Kiatpiriya: “In my opinion, I believe a $400 price tag would be acceptable for the next gen consoles. Many of us students are paying a lot for school and working a part time job so anything over $400 might be considered expensive. Also, building a great gaming PC that’s able to run everything on max settings costs around $700. So, if the next gen consoles cost is around $500-$700, then why not just build a PC in which you can customize every year instead of having to shell out another $500+ for another “next gen” console?”

Nick Rajotte: “As fast as technology is moving, I don’t think I would pay over $400. Mainly because a lot of the technology going into these consoles is already on PC or will be considered “old technology” within a year or two. Consoles have a big challenge ahead of them.”

Matthew Bennett, Associate Editor
Matthew Bennett finally got his big break with EGM three years ago, following years of volunteer work for various sites. An ability to go many hours without sleep and a quick wit make him ideal for his role as associate editor at EGMNOW.com. He often thinks back to the days when the very idea of this career seemed like nothing but an impossible dream. Follow him on Twitter @mattyjb89. Meet the rest of the crew.

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