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EGM Reader Response: What Games Would You Like to See Announced at the Next Xbox Reveal?

Posted on May 10, 2013 AT 08:01am

Question: What Games Would You Like to See Announced at the Next Xbox Reveal?

The Next Xbox reveal event is almost upon us, 11 days away in fact, so we’d like to know what games you’re hoping to see revealed during this glimpse into the next generation. We already know of a couple of games that should be heading to the console such as Watch_Dogs, Destiny, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Battlefield 4, but what other surprises are you hoping for?

Personally I’m expecting a brief teaser for Halo 5 and maybe a next-gen Gears of War entry–two exclusive staples. A part of me would also like to see a new RPG announcement such as Dragon Age 3, Fallout 4, the next Mass Effect, or maybe a new JRPG, but those are long shots. (I know some have already been announced, but I’d like to see them actually running).

Simply let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We will be updating this post throughout the day showcasing the best comments. So, be sure to check back to see if yours has been chosen!

What You Said

Dion Wall: “I would love to see another Tomb Raider game from Square Enix? Maybe even the next Elder Scrolls game.”

Daniel O’Shea: “Battlefront III would be nice. The chances though would be slim.”

William Pugh: “Definitely the next Red Dead and Elder Scrolls. Also, seeing as there will be a Jurassic Park 4, a reboot of Jurassic Park Operation Genesis and other JP games would be awesome!”

James Welch: “Fable 4 Somebody had to say it.”

James Davidson: “Fallout 4 , and a system like the steam workshop only on console :)”

Ian Baumgarner: “Halo 2 HD, Halo 5, but Jade Empire 2 really needs to happen.”

Ste Dyce: “Jade Empire 2, Conkers bad fur day 2, Infinite Undiscovery 2, Tekken X Street Fighter.”

Namer Merli: “What about Forza Motorsport 5? It’s a very strong franchise on the Xbox and it’s kinda time to leave Horizon behind…”

Mark Merriman: “Fable the lost chapters HD, Killer Instinct HD, Jet Force Gemini HD, Fallout 4, A good Jurassic Park survival FPS, Battlefront 3.”

Eschew Discombobulated Obfuscation: “Damn it! I’ll be a man and say it……..a new Viva pinata :-p.”

Jose Arnoldo Castro: “I’d love anything on the Legacy of Kain series.”

Bryan J. Alvarez: “I’d like to see Fallout 4 obviously, something with Halo be it the 5th or Halo 2HD and a new Fable game and also maybe something new and fresh that I can also get hooked on.”

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