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EGM Reader Response: What’s the Angriest You Have Ever Been Because of a Game?

Posted on July 15, 2013 AT 11:26am

Question: What’s the Angriest You Have Ever Been Because of a Game?

We’ve all been there, when the red mist descends because a stray bullet smacked you in the face, or a bug caused you to fall to your death. The difference between gamers is how they react when this happens—some swear incoherently, others blame inanimate objects, and some throw various things around the room.

What we want to know is, how do you react? What’s your biggest anger meltdown, and what game caused it?

I haven’t been truly angry over a game since I was young, but my last burst of rage was a few years ago while playing FIFA 11. I can’t even remember why I got so annoyed—but it resulted in me throwing my controller across the room. You’d guess broken controller, right? Wrong! I forgot that I was still wearing my headset, and as I threw the controller, it ripped the headset from my head, snapping it in two. I instantly regretted my decision.

So, let us know your biggest meltdown—and what caused it—in the comments below. We will be updating this post throughout the day showcasing the best comments, so be sure to check back to see if yours has been chosen!

What You Said

Tuomas Reini: “4 controllers , 1 tv , 1 iphone , 4 controllers , 1 xbox , 1 speedlink xanthos head set , and my friends turtle beach headset and his black ops 2 disk :D”

Dale Garrett: “2 turtle beaches, 3 controllers and 1 Tv later, I quit call of duty.”

Ryan Eggleton: “I died on search and destroy on blackops 1 and smashed in my tv then blamed it on my cat.”

Travis Garuik: “I lit my Playstation 2 on fire because of GTA: Vice City. I couldn’t beat the mission with the Bomb in the Limo.”

Louis Jones: “I was playing Grand Theft Auto and my controller decided to go faulty, so my vehicles kept stopping and Niko kept aiming his weapon so I got really annoyed and I threw the controller which hit my laptop screen and cracked it.”

Christopher Spence: “My worst nerd rage came from Halo 3. I raged so hard that I threw my controller at the floor, headset still attached ripping the cord in half. To think that was the extent of the damage would be too easy. On the floor next to my chair was my laptop that had my thesis paper that I was still completing. Completely shattered the screen. :(”

Jesse Staton: “1 original xbox controller, 2 360 controllers, 1 gears of war 3 disc, and uncountable bruised knuckles :D”

Nicholes Webster: “For every game I own… there’s at least one hole in the wall I had to patch.”

Cory Edwards: “December 30th, 2000. I’d been playing Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver for 6 straight days. As I made my way to the final area I decided to save. The power went out mid save. My data was corrupted. I had to start over. I yanked the controller out of the system, and swung it around like a meteor hammer and slammed it into the ground, shattering it and hitting myself in the face with the cord on the backlash. To this day, I never beat the game.”

Keir White: “I was getting spawn killed on bf3 and got quite angry. I snapped the disk and put the controller on the banister on the balcony on my house. I then went to smack the controller with a baseball bat and hoping for it fly across the river opposite my house, instead I miss judged the swing and hit the banister which vibrated a bit and the controller just sort of tumbled off the balcony and hit the grass.”

Dave Taylor: “One laptop that I punched so hard I broke the keyboard and smashed the harddrive, one external hard drive, 3 bedroom doors, a HDMI cable, 3 PS3 controllers and halfway to destroying an XBox 360 controller…..”

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