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EGM Reader Response: Who Won the Battle of the Next-Gen Reveals, Microsoft or Sony?

Posted on May 24, 2013 AT 06:30pm

Question: Who Won the Battle of the Next-Gen Reveals, Microsoft or Sony?

The dust has begun to settle following the announcement of the Xbox One, so now is the perfect opportunity to take stock of what went on. Both Sony and Microsoft have now revealed their next generation consoles, and we know what the future looks like, but who did the best job?

Sony got PlayStation 4 off to a good start with several interesting features, such as easy game streaming, the ability to watch your friends play, and several other neat sharing features—not to mention the announcement of several strong titles including inFamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Diablo III, Destiny, and a new Final Fantasy.

Microsoft took to the stage earlier this week to finally reveal their challenger to the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One. Everybody seemed to be on board after the first few minutes, when we got lots of fanfare and they one upped Sony by actually showing us what the console looked like.

However, things have gone a little downhill since. There was too much focus on fancy entertainment features and television, plus several pieces of information have cropped up post-event which have not done Microsoft any favors. There was a bright side though: Two exclusives were confirmed for the console—Forza 5 and Quantum Break—with the promise of additional announcements at E3.

Now, the question we have for you is: which company won the battle? Was the PlayStation 4′s feature list enough to tip the balance or did Microsoft actually showing the console give it the edge?

Simply let us know your thoughts in the comments below. We will be updating this post throughout the day showcasing the best comments, so be sure to check back to see if yours has been chosen.

What You Said

Brandon Derrick Hnetka: “Sony had a better announcement didn’t show the console which was a letdown microsoft had a great announcement but it seems its “Real Information regarding used games and always needs to be clarified by major nelson a bit more”.”

Scott Daylor: “Its over for Microsoft. They totally screwed their fanbase and gave them the middle finger. They blame the gaming media for all the negative press despite the fact they did it to themselves.”

Dillon Keith Biggs: “Gaming revealed-wise, PS4. It showed a ton of stuff that the PS4 is capable of whereas the Xbox One hardly showed any, except 2, that weren’t multiplatform. Actual console revealed-wise, Xbox One. It showed the console, “new” Kinect, controller, and other stuff.”

Craig Rice: “Microsoft had a better reveal. They showed off more console functionality than Sony, more tech specs, etc. I know they’re catching flak for not showing much as far as games go, but why should they? E3 is, what, 2-3 weeks away at this point? It doesn’t make much sense to blow through big title games that soon before a big trade show.”

Mark Coasterlove Samson: “I’ve never liked Sony yet if I had to pick, I’d much rather get a PS4 over an Xbox One after seeing the Microsoft reveal. I have and Xbox 360 and I did pick up a PS3 during a black Friday promotion that I couldn’t pass up. That being said, I still would have preferred to go with Xbox until I saw their reveal and read the info on it. Almost nothing about interests or excites me. It all mostly disappoints me and I don’t think I’d ever get one unless they reverse some of their decisions or it’s a clearance item.”

Pelé Hearne: “The smartest thing SONY did was not showing off the console. Now who is going to have the bigger hype come E3? Our curiosity has peeked. Plus the Xbox One looks like a VHS player. They might have shown it off and scored points, but they instantly lost points for me because of the shit design. PS4 for me thanks.”

Donald Dangler: “The Xbox One reveal has been clouded by a lot of negativity with a side of arrogance. Sony has come right out and answered what seems to be core gamers’ biggest concerns with simple black and white answer short of showing the console itself. Historically speaking, however, the two biggest factors that affect new console launches are pricing and initial game lineups, both of which we’re still not entirely sure of. So for now I think PS4 has won the battle but not the war yet.”

Rory Fitzsimmons: “As someone who doesn’t use their 360 to play netflix, youtube, or anything else on there that isn’t game related, the Xbox One was rather disappointing. I get that they’re waiting for E3 to show off their games, but for god’s sake, MS, this was your big reveal of your new GAMING console, you’d think you’d show off some of these big new exclusives you mentioned…”

Jeff Normandin: “Well, if you compare the reveals themselves I would have to give it to MS. They actually showed a console and Sony showed us a controller. Also, MS knows that the population of what people have called “core gamers” is not as large as some of you may think it is. MS has actually created a console that will be used for much more than just gaming. All members of a family will be using this console, which opens up a larger demographic; thus leading to more sales. Finally, I would reserve judgment until the used game fiasco is settled. Sony has been a little too quiet when it comes to the used game argument.”

Anthony Pista: “Considering I already have a cable box to watch television on, I guess ill be going with the ps4(i have been xbox fan for 10yrs+ now).”

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