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The Fast Five: Classic PlayStation Games We’d Love to Have Trophies

Posted on January 10, 2014 AT 08:00am

The Setup

Through Sony’s game-streaming PlayStation Now service, gamers will be able to go back and relive the history of three PlayStation eras without needing any sort of disc or download. One additional—and potentially very interesting—note pertaining to PlayStation Now is a recent Sony patent that suggests the company  is looking into ways to go back and add Trophies into games that never had them in the first place (or were on platforms that existed before the idea of such things).

The Question

If we could go back and add Trophies to any game released on a PlayStation platform that never had them, what game would we pick, and why?

The Response

Once you’ve read our picks, what PlayStation game would you most like to see receive Trophies? Let us know in the comments below!

Silent Hill

Publisher: Konami  |  Developer: Konami  |  Platform: PS1

My brain tells me that I shouldn’t want the original Silent Hill  to be tainted by the achievement generation, but my heart just won’t listen. Once I got past experiencing Konami’s attempt at survival-horror—and one of my favorite games of all time—for its storyline, I found myself beating it over and over for other accomplishments. Killing every enemy in the game. Finding every item. Making it to the end as quickly as possible. Using no weapon but the fire axe. Those end-of-game stat screens became an obsession with me—so I could absolutely see myself doing another half dozen or so runthroughs of Silent Hill if all of that were now accompanied by Sony’s system for showing off.

Mega Man Legends

Publisher: Capcom  |  Developer: Capcom  |  Platform: PS1

Some of us are still miffed about Mega Man Legends 3 being cancelled. A small step toward apologizing to the Mega Manloving public that Capcom decided to shun for some reason? Give Mega Man’s classic transition to 3D another lease on life. From first meeting Tron Bonne to the variety of collectible weapons and helmets, Mega Man Legends could easily work in a Trophy system. And, maybe with enough downloads, Capcom would finally get their heads out of their butts and give us fans what we really want.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment  |  Developer: Squaresoft  |  Platform: PS1

Final Fantasy Tactics was the first game I recall investing more than 100 hours in. It was beyond epic, allowing players to customize characters in some 20 different jobs, from their starting classes as either Squire or Chemist. It would be fantastic to see the game gain Trophy support, rewarding your progress as you evolve your squad (Gold Trophy for making a character in every class) and for unlocking some of the special characters (such as Cloud Strife). With a game as long and as deep as this, adding Trophy support would keep players invested during its steady progression, making for a match made in Ivalice.

Spider-Man 2

Publisher: Activision  |  Developer: Treyarch  |  Platform: PS2

Back in the summer of ’04, Spider-Man 2 became the first game I ever reached 100-percent completion on. I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun just navigating a game world, picking up collectibles and goofing off. I’d love to see it come to PlayStation Now with full Trophy support—not just so I can have an excuse to finally replay one of my favorite games of the PS2 generation, but so this time, when I reach 100-percent completion, I’ll actually have something to show for it.

Dark Cloud 2

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment  |  Developer: Level-5, SCE Japan Studio  |  Platform: PS2

I’m not usually one to go Trophy-hunting, and I think most games from the PlayStation’s older eras aren’t suited for Trophies awarded outside the carefully constructed narrative beat, but Dark Cloud 2 is certainly a game I might explore more if tempted by Trophies. Beyond those given from besting bosses and plot progression, there’s also plenty of side content: Spheda (the Dark Cloud 2 equivalent of golf), fishing, plus the Georama system, weapon synthesis, and even an extra dungeon. I think Trophies might help incentivize experiencing—or make it slightly more rewarding.

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