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Weekend Play: Bound by Games

Posted on May 9, 2014 AT 05:00pm

Welcome to EGM’s Weekend Play, a weekly account of what games the editors of EGM are currently playing, and an open conversation with you, the reader, about what you’ve been playing.

So, check out what we’re playing below, and then chime in with your own choices for the weekend in the comments section.


While impressions of the game certainly seem to be mixed, my goal this weekend is to delve deeper into the PS4 version of Bound by Flame. And, by “deeper,” I mean more than the ten minutes I spent the other day creating my character and getting past the initial tutorial. I like the idea of developers trying to re-enter that middle ground between the AAA blockbuster and the small indie project. Of course, the problem with that is you can almost have more to prove as a mid-tier release than one of the big boys, and any problems with the product will be pointed out far more fiercely.

Otherwise, it’s back to Child of Light, an adventure I’m really enjoying but one I keep getting pulled away from. It’s funny, because the thing I most notice about the game is it’s music—and as someone who rarely notices game music, that says a lot to just how incredible the soundtrack is.

I’ve always been a Mario Kart fan, but I’m not so hot on the “AI rivals unleash Blue Shells and Lightning Bolts at the finish line” element that’s been so prevalent in recent entries. Will Mario Kart 8 be any different? I can hope as I get behind the wheel with everyone’s favorite purple purloiner, Waluigi, this weekend.

This weekend, my gaming choice will tie into my real life activities once again (by the way, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie and subsequent game suck, but I hated the movie less than the game). Saturday, several friends and I will be heading down to the Irwindale RenFaire in what has become an annual tradition for us. After getting in touch with my medieval fantasy side at the fairgrounds, I’ll head home to play Bound by Flame, a high-fantasy RPG about a mercenary possessed by a fire demon who must try to melt seven evil Ice Lords. I know, it doesn’t sound like the most enthralling of experiences, but I just finished the first act and, understanding it’s a budget title, am surprised at how much I’m enjoying it. It’s got some problems, for sure, but you’ll have to wait for me to breakdown Bound by Flame in full next week with in my web review.

Long ago, I promised you I’d get around to playing Bastion for real, and I’m happy to say I managed to beat it this week. Actually, credits are rolling as I type this. How’s that for timing? Solid game, and I’m looking forward to Transistor all the more for having played it.

This weekend, though, I’ll be diving into something I’m much less excited about, Bound by Flame, so I can provide a secondary review in the next print issue. I’ve already played through the very start of the game, and I fear I’m in for a long, bland ride full of the most generic fantasy stuff you can imagine. Maybe it’ll pick up a bit and actually surprise me, though.

While, fortunately, I am spared the banalities of high fantasy’s medieval fetishism that will plague some of my colleague’s weekends, my some six-month evasion of Xbox One Kinect use comes to a close courtesy of Kinect Sports Rivals. Saturday and Sunday will be a one-two punch of things I don’t like: waggle daggle as I pretend to rock climb in my living room and further to exposure to the consummate console-licking professionalism of Jessica Chobot by way of Zombie Studios’ Daylight. I realize I’m not supposed to knock anything before trying it and whatnot, but all reports indicate this Chobot-penned (and voiced) scare-a-thon is unlikely to jibe with me. Guess we’ll see!

Also, books—Hannu Rajaniemi’s The Fractal Prince for when m’brain starts feelin’ mushy.

I’ve been bitten by that card-shaped bug again, otherwise known as Hearthstone. After getting far too angry over a digital card game when I failed to reach Legendary rank last season, I decided to take a break, but the pull of those cute little cards was too much, and now I’m back in ready for season two.

After reaching the highs of rank 5 (there are 25 ranks to work through in reverse order to reach legendary) last season, I decided to stick with my trusty—and rather expensive—control warrior deck. It may be incredibly slow to play, but its win percentage is much higher than most other decks.

Hopefully I can keep my anger at the random number generator gods in check long enough to finally achieve my goal this season, but I wouldn’t put money on it.

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