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Weekend Play: Danganronpa Style

Posted on January 17, 2014 AT 05:01pm

Welcome to EGM’s Weekend Play, a weekly account of what games the editors of EGM are currently playing, and an open conversation with you, the reader, about what you’ve been playing.

For the next few months, leading up to the launch of Titanfall on the Xbox One and inFamous: Second Son on the PlayStation 4, the EGM Crew will be attempting to play some of the very best PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii games they never got around to and chronicling their adventures here. So join us, if you will, on exploring Last Gen’s Best and share your own progress in the comments section.

Well, my luck with Danganronpa didn’t go so well over the past week. That’s not to blame the game—but my Vita itself. For some reason, the system thought I had removed the memory card when I hadn’t, which ended up corrupting my Danganronpa save. No problem, I’ll just download my PS+ backed-up save. Except, for some reason, my save hadn’t been backing up properly.


After having to play a lot of catch-up, I’m now almost through the game—with the hope of getting a review for it up next week. Beyond that, there’s two titles I’d really love to finally get to at some point when it comes to late 2013 games that I missed: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and Ys: Memories of Celceta. I probably should have planned things better so that I didn’t have two action adventure games to play at the exact same time.

Upon returning to work after the Yuletide break, my brain was as frozen as a Norwegian fjord in the dead of winter, so The Banner Saga—a Viking-inspired strategy-RPG from several BioWare veterans—slipped past me like a reindeer scurrying across an ice-covered lake. That’ll change this weekend, though, and I’m intrigued to see if this Scandinavian-style adventure plays as good as it looks. I’ve been wanting a tactical game that draws me in as much as Fire Emblem: Awakening did last year. Can The Banner Saga possibly live up to those lofty standards?

Like a lot of kids growing up, I’m sure, my friends and I would get together and figure out who would get what system, so I never actually owned a PS2. My buddy Joe got that one. So, even though my Disney movie upbringing had me intrigued, I never actually played Kingdom Hearts because JRPGs were one of those genres you just didn’t play at a friend’s house. A few years back, I tried getting a “Greatest Hits” version when I got my PS3, only to realize after the fact that I had one of those PS3s that weren’t backwards compatible. Well, I’ve got some free time and a copy of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix to finally see what all the fuss is about, so that’s what I’ll be jumping into this weekend.

So, I didn’t wind up making that much progress into my list of indie games last weekend. In fact, I only actually beat one. I started up Starseed Pilgrim and got so sucked into it that I marathoned through until the end, which wasn’t until after my entire weekend had blown out the window. Hopefully I can remedy that by spending some time with a least a few of the other titles I missed, with To the Moon probably being at the top of the queue.

Most of my time, though, will be spent diving into the PS Vita skateboarding game OlliOlli. I’m so stoked I’ve started using skater lingo like “stoked.” See, while all the other kids were wasting their teenage years actually skateboarding, I was wasting mine playing Tony Hawk. And then I wasted my young adulthood playing the Skates. Unfortunately, with both of those franchises dead, I’ve been worried that we’d never get another solid skateboarding game. I might just be a hopeless optimist, but I think OlliOlli’s simple, fast-paced gameplay could fit that bill.

Because I’m handling EGM’s review of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, I’ll be toiling away in Nova Chrysalia from sunup to sundown like some kind of JRPG slave. Obviously I can’t say much here, lest I spoil the review itself, but I can say this: It certainly is a JRPG!

Hopefully I’ll have time to wrap up Enslaved, though. I swear to you readers, I did start that project last weekend. I just got sidetracked by Counter-Strike. Shut up, Josh!I don’t have a problem!

This weekend I’m taking a trip back to a game series that I haven’t played for several years with Hitman: Absolution. When it first released, I dismissed it as another attempt at recapturing the glory days of the franchise. But since then, I’ve seen a lot of positive reviews and watched several videos and feel that I may have been wrong. This weekend seems as good a chance as any to finally catch up on the title before it gets too old for me to care about anymore.

I’ll also be burning several hours in Guild Wars 2‘s World vs. World PvP mode, having finally reached max level. The level of adrenaline that pumps through you during a massive 40 vs. 40 war is something that no other MMO has ever delivered.

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