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Weekend Play: Interception (BRAAAAAM!)

Posted on June 27, 2014 AT 05:45pm

Welcome to EGM’s Weekend Play, a weekly account of what games the editors of EGM are currently playing, and an open conversation with you, the reader, about what you’ve been playing.

So, check out what we’re playing below, and then chime in with your own choices for the weekend in the comments section.


This seems to be the week of people playing somebody else’s games. Andrew is digging in the Atelier series (normally my territory), Ray stole R.B.I. Baseball from our resident baseball fan Andrew, and I’m playing the new DLC release Killzone: Shadow Fall – Intercept.

Now, let me be clear though: while I’m not always the go-to for first-person shooters, it isn’t like I haven’t played my share of them over the years—and so far, Intercept is Inter–esting. I always like it whenever I can play a healer type in games like this, and given that I’ve not overdosed on this whole Horde mode thing over recent years, the idea still feels relatively fresh to me.

Beyond that, I’ll do exactly what I’ve been doing for the past few days: playing Survival in Resogun Heroes over and over in an attempt to better my high score.

Even though a game featuring a sassy female alchemist would normally be up Eric’s alley, he’s been busy living out the life of a Battle Princess, which means that Atelier Rorona Plus has fallen to me. Not that I’m complaining. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played of the series before, and I’m looking forward to the various enhancements featured in Rorona. Watch out, Eric! I’ll be a Battle Princess before long, too!

As America’s pastime is in full swing, it’s about time I start getting fully into my personal baseball groove. To help me with that, I’m going to be checking out R.B.I. Baseball 14 for PS4. I’m curious to see how MLB AM, a division of Major League Baseball, does with their first videogame efforts. It will also help feed my the nostalgia kick I’ve been on lately since, as most folks know, it’s been two decades since an entry was last seen. Talk about your generational leaps, I mean, it’s going from the NES to the PS4. This weekend I will determine if this relaunch of the series has been worth the wait or if there is just no room in today’s gaming landscape for a game like this anymore and this classic should’ve stayed in the past. Play ball!

Previously on Weekend Play, I said I was going to play Entwined. I played Entwined. My life remains unchanged.

This week, a totally wacky and hilarious mail mix-up meant I didn’t get my hands on Grid: Autosport until a couple days ago. Now it’s a race against time to get our review up as soon as possible. Will I overcome the lengthy, punishing endurance races? Can I master the pinpoint precision of open wheel contests? Will I embarrass myself in front of everyone who’s serious about racing games by saying I kind of actually a little bit prefer Grid 2? Will I ever stop talking like the announcer on The Bachelor? Tune in next week to find out.

As expected, my Shovel Knight playthrough—something I thoroughly enjoyed, so don’t get hung up on reductive numbers to convey complex feelings about a game, y’all—has sent me down an 8- and 16-bit path that sees no end in the near future. Post-SK, I wrapped up Super Metroid. I’ve since started up The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, a title I emulated on Ouya sometime last year, but I guess played on autopilot, because I honestly don’t have a strong enough impression from that playthrough to make this one any less fresh. On the other side of Hyrulian adventures with this Link’s talking cap, I see Metroid Fusion and Breath of Fire II in my future. I’m a huge fan of Breath of Fire III and IV in particular, but somehow missed out on the SNES-era installments and never bothered to dig them up in all these years.

Beyond retreating to the past, though, since my review plate’s pretty light thanks in part to how sparse summer releases are when it comes to games, I might finally make good on starting L.A. Noire this weekend as the first in the one-two Rockstar punch I have planned for myself, ending with Red Dead Redemption.

I’m going to be spending what little spare time I have this weekend in the ArcheAge alpha—I paid for it, so I may as well use it. Currently, I’m testing out a number of ways to make money, with varying degrees of success. After leveling my mining skill to full, I quickly realized that it’s not all that profitable—luckily I discovered this during the alpha—so I’m going to try my hand at fishing instead, see how that goes.

I have high hopes that Trion can make ArcheAge successful in the West, seeing as the sandbox market is pretty desolate. All it has to do is avoid making similar mistakes to what developer XL Games did with the Korean version. Deciding to skip the controversial 1.0 patch that nearly destroyed the the game in Korea is certainly a positive first step towards achieving this.

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