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Weekend Play: Tendin’ the Gaming Garden

Posted on July 26, 2013 AT 05:00pm

Welcome to EGM’s Weekend Play, a weekly account of what games the editors of EGM are currently playing, and an open conversation with you, the reader, about what you’ve been playing.

After reading what we’re playing, let us know what games you’ve been playing and what games, if any, you’ll be escaping to this weekend in the comments below!

My weekend will be spent playing Saints Crown, the tale of a small-town bow-toting Elf as she tries to make it in the big world of Steelport City. Only it seems that Steelport is in reality a virtual world, one created by a menacing dragon from space who wants to get revenge on poor Elf after she became president-princess of the fantasy world she hails from. Thankfully, Elf’s friends—the Third Trail Saints—are there to help make sure that our heroine saves the day. All of this, of course, plays out via the smooth stylings of Nolan North as the cute-yet-couragous Elf.

…er, wait. I think I’m getting things mixed up in my brain. I’ll be playing Saints Row IV AND Dragon’s Crown, not some weird amalgamation of the two. Though, I would totally play such a beast.

After feeling underwhelmed by Joel and Ellie’s post-pandemic adventures in The Last of Us and getting whacked across the face with a polearm by George Kamitani’s over-the-top fantasy designs in Dragon’s Crown, my body is ready to be purified by some good ol’-fashioned Japanese cuteness. But of course, I only go for high-class Japanese cuteness, which is why I’ll be spending the weekend with Shigeru Miyamoto’s latest gardening epic, Pikmin 3. While I doubt I’ll solve the greatest mystery–why don’t Pikmin have mouths?–I’m sure I’ll enjoy the rest of the adventure.

This weekend, aside from maintaining my ever burgeoning town in Animal Crossing: New Leaf (it’s not a game, its an obsession) I plan on spending my time conquering the new world in Pikmin 3. Now, I’m not the biggest strategy gamer in the world. I enjoy the Starcraft games and the occasional turn-based strategy affair, but Pikmin has always been my favorite.

There’s just something about the crazy little plant-based bastards that makes me warm and fuzzy on the inside. I always feel bummed out when they die, and I find myself repeating areas just to get through as perfectly as possible. Now there are three spacemen to maneuver and several new types of Pikmin to command, which I think sounds like a blast. And with luck, the rock-type Pikmin will prove hearty so I can abuse them a little without them dying. That, my friends, would be the sweetest sentient plant life of all.

This weekend I’m going to be playing Dragon’s Crown, and therefore will be spending the majority of my time staring at a disproportioned, buxom, magic-wielding lass. I enjoyed the Dungeons & Dragons re-release from Capcom, so the four-player fantasy beat ‘em up action of Dragon’s Crown should be right up my alley. And while available on both the PS Vita and PS3, I’m going to go the PS3 route, so all my wireless controllers are charging up as we speak as I prepare to marathon this game before a lot more titles I’m looking forward to start coming in and piling up again.

OK, Chris seriously had to shout at me and flail his arms and physically pull me away from Saints Row IV so I would write this and tell you, our wonderful readers, that I will be playing Saints Row IV this weekend. I will be playing Saints Row IV this weekend. It will be, as the kids say, off the hizzy. I’m going to assume this halfhearted effort is enough to appease Chris and go back to playing Saints Row IV now. Hail to the me!

I’ll be duct-taping my hands to my 3DS this weekend, buckling down to beat Mario & Luigi: Dream Team ’cause deadlines dictate my life. Sorry I can’t talk about Dream Team more. I mean, I could. But then you wouldn’t have any reason to read my review.

Provided I can manage to carve a slice of time for myself this weekend, I might jump back into Crysis 3 multiplayer when brief breaks from Mario are needed. But otherwise, I’ll be spending my time sightseeing on Pi’illo Island, kickin’ turtle shells with my dream-prone bro, Luigi.

It happened again! I’ve become addicted to Star Wars: The Old Republic. After my brief hiatus, I returned to the game, and now I can’t stop playing it. During the week I finally managed to collect all of the Datacrons, so this weekend I’ll be busy with the Seeker Droid trying to locate all the pieces of the Pleasure Speeder–it’s going to take a while.

The Gree event is back in town, but now that I’ve reached Legendary with the Gree Enclave and bought the Blue Sphere mount, there’s little else for me to do—I’m not really interested in grinding the achievements for it. So it’s going to be Dailies, Flashpoints, PvP, and plenty of virtual digging for me this weekend. I may also re-download Neverwinter and give it another chance.

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