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A Day in the Life of a PAX Con-Goer

Posted on September 8, 2012 AT 03:08pm

Another year of cons is over with the last day of PAX Prime 2012. It’s so bittersweet; it means that now my feet can finally heal and I can sleep-in once again…but it also means friends and I part ways and no more hands-on God of War: Ascension until next year. :(

So for now, let’s all hop in our Delorean (you have one, right?!) and remember the things that happened just hours ago.


As many of you know, I am not new to the game convention scene, my first E3 was back in 2005…so I know how to start these things off. This year, I started the convention off by getting my little hands all over some God of War: Ascension.

There’s really not much more I can tell you here, it’s more God of War and that means it’s goram awesome! The combat does feel tweaked and maybe even smoother, but combat was never an issue in the GoW games, to me anyways. I quite like the combat. The biggest difference was the power Kratos has to kinda rewind time and build/destroy objects. It adds a cool, new dynamic to the gameplay, but I am more interested in finding out how Kratos acquires that power and how he loses it. I did an interview with Todd Papy, the Game Director of God of War: Ascension; if you’d like to check that out….we talk about gore and threesomes.

While at the PlayStation booth, I also checked out the Last of Us demo that had one of the coolest demo rooms ever. I would love to tell you how awesome that was, but I can’t put that excitement into understandable words.

After getting my much needed Starbucks fix, I headed to Konami to check out Silent Hill: Book of Memories. I had played this a bit before, and I am (or do I say was cause I haven’t really liked one since Silent Hill 3?) a huge Silent Hill fan so I am always intrigued when a new one comes out. What’s that? You’d like to see me interview Brandon Cox, Senior Public Relations Manager for Konami about the game? Well Golly gee whillickers! I did just that!

Oh, and did you know Mario likes Starbucks?! Yeah, neither did I! Huh, go figure.

Later at night, on my way to the Frag Dolls Assassin’s Creed 3 party, there were dancing Stormtroopers outside.

The party was awesome! It was everything I usually try to avoid, but sometimes it just feels so right. Loud music, lots of dancing, alcohol and sweaty people. It was a magical night. I danced until my feet threatened to murder me in my sleep. There was also an Assassin’s Creed photo booth, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

PAX day 1 was awesome, and I walked away with a lot of cool shit, some of which I will be giving away on my Twitter. #shamelessplug


PAX DAY 2: Cosplay day!

After a late night out, I woke up at an ungodly early hour to get ready for day 2 because it was the day I was going to be cosplaying as Catherine, from the game of the same name. The pigtails, oh god, the pigtails…I was in the bathroom working on those damn things for over an hour. I was cussing at them, threatening them, I maybe even shed a tear or two in frustration. BUT! I think, in the end, they came out pretty a-ok!

This day I got to check out Dead Island: Riptide which I enjoyed. I actually kinda liked the first Dead Island and am excited to play this with some friends  online. They did not have any hands-on demos, but from what I saw, I am looking forward to it.

Also at the Deep Silver booth, I checked out Sacred 3. I was a fan of Sacred 2 and they really incorporated a lot of new co-op gameplay elements into this third game. I was intrigued by the co-op combos and am interested seeing exactly how those work once I get some hands-on time with the game.

After watching zombies get their heads chopped off while vacationing on a beautiful island, I fell in love with the new Razor Blade laptop. Yep, I am in the market for a new gaming laptop, since my little editing machine here won’t play Guild Wars 2. The Razor Blade let’s you tweet, check video walkthroughs and even take screen shots all without having to tab out of the game. OMGWTFLOL *head explodes*

While dressed as Catherine, I was told there was a Vincent walking around, I sadly never bumped into him, but I did find another Catherine!

I love the Walking Dead graphic novels and the game (don’t get me started on the TV show)…but since I had to prepare for PAX, I haven’t had time to play Episode 3 yet. So, I made Jake Rodkin, one of the designers behind The Walking Dead, promise me no spoilers. He kept his promise. Thanks Jake! *high five*

I found a Minecraft shop and bought WAAAAY to much stuff. Well, it doesn’t look like a lot, but I was at a convention, so it sure did cost a lot!

This day I also got to play more Borderlands 2, fuck yeah! This would’ve been my 4th time playing Borderlands 2 at a press event and I still love it each time like it was my first. I can’t wait for this to come out! I have my super-mega-head exploding-loot chest edition pre-ordered and now I just have to wait until the day I can play as the Gunzerker.

Then this night, on my way to the Konami 25TH anniversary party for MGS, there were dancing zombies from Plants vs Zombies.

The Konami thing was fun, there was MGS specialty drinks, Hideo Kojima, Cliff and Lauren, the Mega64 guys, another photobooth, and of course, cake! The photobooth was a photobooth of the future. It would take a 5 second video of you doing something ridiculous, and then they would make it into a flipbook. I made 3 of them.



I was jarred rudely awake by my alarm clock at 8am this morning. I was having the best dream about kittens who wanted to be my friends too! But I had to be showered and looking alive for my 10am meeting with Nintendo.

The show floor didn’t open each day until 10am and even then, they don’t open the main doors at that time. Nope, instead they make every one who got there early form a line inside a separate room, those guys get in first. I didn’t know this. So, being press and all *pops collar and tries to look important* I had an appointment and couldn’t wait for those silly rabbits. Instead, security gave me an escort to take me directly to Nintendo. This was way cool because I got to see the show floor like I’d never seen it before….empty. Yep, no one in line for Halo 4. No one in line for Assassin’s Creed 3. It was cool, yet kinda creepy. But the creepiest thing was standing down the isle as the crowd came in. They were like a horde of zombies, running down the isles with these crazed looks on their faces. Then, once they got to the line they wanted to spend their next few hours in, they settled down into happy little nerds with their PS Vita’s and 3DS’s out.

So I checked out games I had already played at past events, like the New Super Mario Bros. U, Pikmin 3, Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, NintendoLand, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Also spoke to Krysta Yang, Public Relations Specialist for Nintendo (sweet ass title, right?!) about these upcoming games.

Oh! And I got to check out ZombiU which is shaping up to be pretty badass. I love the idea behind the fact that if you die, you then take over another character b/c the character you were becomes a zombie! So then, you can go back to your old, but now zombie-fied character and kill them to get all your loot back. Genius! I interviewed, the super awesome PixxelFD from the Frag Dolls for this game!

After that, I spent some time on a game I am hugely looking forward to, Dishonored. I am in love with this game. Seriously. I love the art style, it’s very a la Bioshock. The powers and weapons combined with the ability to really chose your play style is just a real winning combination. I mean, I shot a guy and then telepathically morphed into a rat and ran away. Yep, totally got away with it.

Earlier in the con, I had talked to the guys of Mega64 to see if they’d be down for an interview. They said yes, so I meandered over to their booth to ask them questions that really didn’t need answers because they are hilarious no matter what they are talking about. And nope, I won’t have video of that. Just kidding!

I also played the hell out of some Far Cry 3. I thought the map I played on was HUGE…but apparently (as Jamie Keen, Lead Game Designer of Far Cry 3 tells me) it wasn’t even close to the actual size of the in-game map. I really loved what I played of it; I shot a lot of dudes in red berets, I killed some wild buffalo, I looked at a lot of environment art and textures and then I drove a car off of a cliff. Fun times.

After that, I was done with my work and it was time to run around like a normal con-goer to see any booths I may have missed. That’s when I noticed all the photobooths…I mean, there were so many! So I made it my mission to make as many pictures as possible. I think I would have been more successful if I had had more than an hour left…but I tried!

Overall, this was a great PAX! I had such a great time and my first experience cosplaying at this con was definitely a positive one. Even with all the games and all the shenanigans, meeting soooo many of you was the highlight of my con. Always is. You guys were all so charming, so wonderful and you made me feel so loved. I hope you all had a great PAX and I can’t wait to see some of the pics we took together.

Whoa whoa…don’t get upset! It isn’t completely over! There are some videos I didn’t include in this write up…you can find all of those hidden gems here. Make sure you collect them all!

Until next year. *hugs* <3

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