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PlayStation 4 Launch Lineup Reviews Round-Up

Posted on November 19, 2013 AT 03:00pm


The launch of a new gaming platform is always cause for excitement. It’s a reset of the industry. A rebirth of a brand. A clean slate for developers to look upon and imagine untold stories before they’ve become shacked by the full realization of what that shiny new hardware can—and cannot—do.

For those fans of gaming who jump in at launch, however, it can also be cause for a bit of confusion. That powerful PlayStation 4 that now sits next to your television yearns for games, but what will truly satiate it—or you? That is where we come in. We’ve played all of the major releases from the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 3 successor, and we have given our honest—sometimes brutally so—opinions on them.

So, here is a rundown of our reviews, ready for your reading pleasure. Check back with us next week, too, when we’ll be doing the same for the Xbox One.

“I think Killzone does more right than it does wrong as a first-person shooter, but probably an equal amount mediocre. But it’s mediocrity with a few choice moments dressed in a really pretty outfit. I guess that’s enough for me, at launch.”
Killzone: Shadow Fall


Knack may look like a Pixar product to some extent, but on a narrative level, it’s not in the same league, and its gameplay will hardly manage to hold anyone’s attention longer than the first few chapters. Everything after that is just a soulless sojourn toward completion to justify a pricey purchase.”


“You’ll keep playing, because you’ll look at the leaderboards and suddenly see that your good friend has pulled a higher score than you have. Or, you’ll simply push yourself, because you know you can do better than you did the last time. This is where the real joy of Resogun comes to fruition, and where Housemarque’s mastery over the retro-new age shooter genre shines through.”


“Compulsion should have spent more time playtesting, revising, and reconsidering what they built to fully bring out its underlying potential. As it stands, Contrast feels more prototype than finished game, a faint shadow of what it might have been.”


“This is one of the most complete Assassin’s Creed releases to date. I think longtime fans will appreciate Edward’s story and how tight everything feels, but it might be shocking how little the Assassin-Templar conflict actually moves forward. Think of this as laying the groundwork for the next story arc—almost like a monthly comic book.”
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag


“Even a billion-dollar franchise like Call of Duty feels pressure sometimes, and this year’s entry, Call of Duty: Ghosts, probably had even more than usual. Fans were concerned about Infinity Ward stepping away from the Modern Warfare series and introducing something new—not to mention rival Battlefield 4 raising the stakes on next-gen with 32-on-32 multiplayer.”
Call of Duty: Ghosts


“Without question, that main attraction—multiplayer—proves itself a worthwhile endeavor, strong enough to almost completely overshadow the lackluster single-player offering. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a newcomer trying to decide whether to make this your first go, rest assured, where it truly counts, this is Battlefield doing what it does best, better than ever before.”
Battlefield 4


“I won’t deny that the majority of Rivals’ running time kept my adrenaline pumping and my lizard brain enthralled. The simple thrill of trading paint and hurling attacks at your competitors as you barrel down the highway doing 120 can do an awful lot to atone for any and all flaws.”
Need for Speed Rivals


“Despite these minor issues, at its core, Injustice: Gods Among Us is still one of the best fighting games you’re likely to get your hands on. Ultimate Edition simply makes whole what we should’ve gotten in the first place.”
Injustice Ultimate Edition

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