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Release Date: 2012 11 13

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Zombies Are Back!

Posted on May 13, 2012 AT 07:24pm

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Zombies Are Back!
With the world blown to bits, it looks like the original zombie story is over; but is there a new one in the works? What could Black Ops 2 have in store for it’s zombie fanatics? In November of 2008, Treyarch released the fifth installment of the Call of Duty franchise World at War. After a fierce and action-packed campaign and the fight for freedom was won, Treyarch stunned all of their fans by introducing the fan-favorited zombie mode which started it all. The original title of this was “Nazi Zombies”. Zombie mode became an instant hit with gamers, but we knew it would not end there. Soon came the different maps making more of a story and rapidly growing in popularity, which are known as the original maps. It was only the beginning of an interesting and unfortunate story. The creators didn’t expect it to blow up as much as it did. In my opinion, Nacht Der Untoten was a test map to see how Call of Duty fans and gamers alike would react; which turned out a beautiful creation. Read on!

Gamers were handsomely rewarded with Zombies in the first Black Ops and couldn’t wait to sink their teeth into it after the rumors started to flow. How does Treyarch expect to out-do and step up from the original zombies and Black Op’s zombie modes? The original zombie shooter for Call of Duty: World at War evolved into an elaborate story with four main characters who we all took a great liking to. In the very last map, Moon, we learned that all along evil genius Dr. Edward Richtofen had planned to blow up the Earth. After his plan was complete, gamers were irritated to find that all the answers and clues to his plans were strung about in the first map, Kino der Toten, all along! This confused gamers, leading to somewhat of an uproar, fooling us all into believing the zombie annihilation era was over; saddening us all. As a long-time Call of Duty and zombie fan, also like many others; we knew this popular shooter was not over with…and it is not. Will Dr. Maxis and his daughter Samantha make a return? Could all four heros return to destroy the rest of the undead scum?

With the highly anticipated announcement finally made last week world-wide by Treyarch, gamers finally got what they have wanted for a long time, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and Zombie mode is making a return! Treyarch has always been extremely crafty with their projects and very secretive too. In the original Black Ops poster, hidden very well within other numbers, there was a phone number starting with 800 for fans to call. When called, you could hear recorded growling and moaning. Some people speculated the phone number and recording were hints to the next zombie modes. The Black Ops 2 poster show a tough looking female with a shotgun on her back. She is also holding a decapitated zombie head by the hair, tightly in her right hand and a sword on her hip. There are no confirmations on the characters, weapons, or storyline yet. Could this be signs pointing to what could come of a new zombie mode? I believe it is showing miniscule clues to whats to come for all the zombie addicts. Could the zombie killing also be taking place in 2025, the same year as the campaign?

The new zombie modes are coming back with a new engine. Now the game can spawn and disperse twice the amount of the undead corpses. Hearing this really excited me and am really looking forward to testing out this new engine. It takes a good amount of time to get up in rounds to kill a fair amount of zombies or atleast get your fix. By dispensing two times the amount of zombies also means it can handle a co-op tally double of the first Black Ops. Treyarch has given the privilege to their zombie team to do what ever they want with the zombie modes, no matter what direction the campaign takes. In my professional opinion of these new and up-coming zombie modes give fans a lot to look forward to. It seems there is another stunning and gore-filled zombie adventure and a thrilling story behind it! Gamers are itching to find out more about our “flesh-eating maggot” mode!

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