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Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2; A Hit or Another Miss?

Posted on May 23, 2012 AT 02:11pm

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2; A Hit or Another Miss?
“One shot. One kill.”, a familiar creed by which all snipers abide by. Snipers are the most difficult and deadliest over most roles. Keeping your head down at the right level and using that one inch could mean your life. The sequel to Sniper: Ghost Warrior is here with a whole new heap of missions, guns, and enemies. One high-priority concern in mind; will this be better than the premier installment? Read more to see if City Interactive took the hint.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior, the original, did not take well to players. Critics such as IGN, GameSpot, and Eurogamer awarded a six, a five, and a two out of ten, along with many more disappointing, yet fitting scores and reviews. How could a sniping-based game reach all-time low scores such as those? A large number of problems plagued this game causing a lot of unhappy gamers. First and foremost, very poor AI which starts out mindless then changes to genius and spotting you right away, not to mention the absurd difficulty that occurred in spots of the game. Not only was the AI less intelligent than a bag of rocks, but Razor Six One’s enemies were also very difficult to see in places as well. A priority to any sniper game is the art of stealth, which this game lacked terribly. The sniping mechanics of this game were close to nothing. The only thing that kept this game from becoming a total loss was the somewhat promising multiplayer. Seems to me City Interactive did not put as much time, effort, or pride into creating this game. Perhaps they were not ready for a sniping game at all…but what about the second installment? It is starting to sound a lot better than the first by a long shot!

In Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2, gamers will play as Sniper Operative, Captain Cody Anderson who is also known as “Sandman”. Other skeptics and I noticed the new flair of the surroundings, such as detailing, colors popping, the new landscapes and the objects in and around them. A new feature of great convenience allows the players to swap scopes at any given time to handle the various situations the player may encounter. For example; use night vision or thermal-enhanced scopes making the bullets inevitable. In addition to the stealth-based kills, if you can remain undetected by the enemy you can now brutally initiate a choreographed melee kill! This game is sounding better and better! The developers also believe the campaign can run a good ten hours of pure gameplay. Missing your targets head with a silenced rifle will no longer alert the enemy’s teammates within a three mile radius to your exact location. So if you miss, shoot again and you have nothing, other than accuracy, to worry about. Our old favorite Bullet Cam is back! The special kill cam’s mechanics are also being improved and reworked to bring a little more to the table for the gamers who take great pride in their head shots.

As for the new multiplayer, it is also receiving a major upgrade! The new multiplayer’s core mechanics and the newly added missions/objectives, now force the players to run and move about rather than waiting for their targets to make their way in the player’s sights. The game’s intensity is also expected to be high and fast-paced. Judging by the demo unveiled at E3 2011, this game brings so much more to par making the title out to be a very becoming game and keeping your head in the action and your attention down your sights. Another big surprise for fans will be that this game is staying away from your typical “shoot-em-up” gameplay. City Interactive is targeting for a game based on skill, stealth, and sniping.

As Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 turns out, it does in fact have a few more pluses and major changes next to its’ predecessor. Viewing the trailer brings back a little confidence to the title. If all goes as planned, this game will keep the action going and your adrenaline flowing! The frustrating parts, like every good game is burdened by, is sure to reward every player with the new and improved Bullet Cam! Check out the tech demo trailer below and see for yourself! Are you ready to join the hunt and stop the terrorism? The game is due to release August 21st, 2012. City Interactive is chomping at the bits to show the public what they have new in store and to bring sniping to the whole new level it deserves.

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